Rustic Home

The cozy throw and pillow set is amazing! I bought 3 last time and i am getting 3 more to give as gifts. The throw is oversized and washes perfectly. Incredible value.

Super excited to see this up! I have 3 sets, ordered more. I have to admit, one set is to replace the throw my dog decided was “HIS”…he loves soft fluffy things and this throw fit the bill. The rest were confiscated by my kids, so these are all for me…muaaahahha…lol…I love them, they sash beautifully, retains their shapes and the softness!!

All I can say is “WOOT!” :slight_smile:

Oh yes, the cozy throw and pillow set is awesome! In for 3 more sets. Seriously, how can they do this for $4.99?

+1 on the the throw and pillow set; nice texture. Fill your swimming pool with them.

I’m thinking that when you have a chair in a color called “crocus,” you really need to show a photo of that. “Light purple” just doesn’t explain enough.

Will the buckets and sinks reliably hold water without leaking? Thanks.

that riddling rack seems cool. if only there was a way for the average person to buy boards and drill holes in them.