Rustic Never Sleeps

Is the Homelegance 5099-30(3A) Huntington Rectangle Coffee Table made from “Popular” wood as stated or poplar/populus wood?

Heh. Poplar is popular! They’re fixing it now. Thanks for the call out.

NP… Thought I missed some national announcement about what woods are popular :wink: Lol.

Hi! I actually live in a cabin and would like to shop, but am begging you to confirm the measurements. Would you please double check the specs on wine racks and shelves? I’m pretty sure that something is “off” on the five bottle wine rack (same length as the eight bottle?)and that heights, widths and depths are mixed up on many items. Thanks!

the wine rack is confusing.
They’re obviously made from recycled pallets (free!), pretty smart.

I’m wondering if the wine bottles are sitting on a shelf behind that front plank, otherwise the bottles would rest on bottom of the wine glasses held underneath. I thought the alternate view would provide info, but it’s just a photoshopped version of the other photo…the glass bottoms are visible in the rack.

I don’t think they would have the bottles sitting on the glasses. I’m sure there’s a shelf there to hold the bottles.