Rutherford Hill Mixed Red

Rutherford Hill Napa Valley Mixed Red 2-Pack
$54.99 (Normally $110.85) 50% off List Price
2006 Rutherford Hill Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley
2008 Rutherford Hill Winemaker’s Red Blend
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Hi! This is Kay from Rutherford Hill Winery. We’ve got a two bottle deal running that is sure to please. I’ll be around for quesions and comments. Cheers!

Welcome! Friday nights can be kinda quiet. Seems people have lives or something. I dunno.

Would you describe these wines as old world style or more fruit forward? Especially the blend.
Also, do you think either would benefit from more aging?

Hi Kay,

I saw on your website that the Estate vineyard is Mee Lane, which is mostly planted with Cab Sauv. Are some or all of the grapes in the '06 Cab Sauv from the Mee Lane vineyard?

Finally, does the flavor profile for one or both of these wines exhibit the “Rutherford dust” characteristic? Thanks!

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Hi Kay,

I saw on your website that the Estate vineyard is Mee Lane, which is mostly planted with Cab Sauv. Are some or all of the grapes in the '06 Cab Sauv from the Mee Lane vineyard?

Visited them 2 yrs ago. The Mee Lane Cab was not the same. Notes for it say single vine. Rated the Mee Lane Cab 4 points higher than the one offered here today. It was also $42 vs. this cab which was $36. Tasting notes next.

Tasting Notes on the 06 Cab from a visit 2 yrs ago. Second day of wine tasting toward the end of the day.

Appearance: Med Red
Nose: Good - some fruit
Taste: Smooth - Blackberry with touch of leather - Mid Palate Soft Tannins.
Finish: Light - short finish
Overall impression: Not a complex wine. Good wine for everyday drinking. Would go good with lighter food.
Rating: 86
In general most Napa Cabs from 06 were light and not as good as the 07. However the 06’ cabs I purchased on the trip have all improved with age and drink better now.

hey…I’ll take one… but do they come in time for Christmas?

Hi BJWCA. Both wines are nicely balnced and in a New World Napa Sytle folks dig. The 2008 Winemaker’s Blend is rich and mouthfilling now but could certainly lie down for 4 to 6 years to let it knit more finely. The 2006 Cab (to me) is at a great spot right now. Further aging not required. It’s comfortable in the mouth with a plesant tart cherry nose.

Good morning Chip. Glad for the interest. The 60 acre vineyard we farm on Mee Lane right on the floor of the Rutherford appellation is present in both of these wines. To me the 2006 Cab is showing more of that elusive Rutherford Dust you mention.

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Kay, thanks very much for joining the fray. Very glad to have Rutherford Hill join us.

And yes there is something about that “Rutherford Dust”. Not a whole lot of acreage in Rutherford. This is a treat.

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Good morning from our hilltop Chip.Glad for your interest. The 60-acre vinyard we farm on Mee Lane (right on the floor of the Rutherford appellation)is very important to us. This site is at the center of the 2006 Cab. I think this wine does present some of the elusive dusty/earthy/mineral tones Mr. Andre Tchelistcheff called “Rutherford Dust.” The Winemaker’s Blend leans aromatically and flavor wise more towards deep fruity tones of blueberries/dried cherries/vanilla. Both are quite good and each is distinctive in it’s own way.

Thanks for the warm welcome! Rutherford Hill is happy to join the Wine Woot world. I wish y’all could see the gorgeous view across Rutherford I’m looking at as I type this. Mayacamas mountains standing grandly to the west. Fall colors striped across the wintery valley as the vineyards go through thier annual color change. Today we are picking our esate olives from the tress right by the winery. Like we say Life Looks Better from Rutherford Hill!

Hey it’s Kay. Thanks for the question BJWCA. Both wines are 100% Napa Vlaley grown which is true of all the fine wines we create. I think both wines reflect a New World Napa style. As in more fruit forward with less emphasis on earthy tones. The Cab’s time in bottle has caused a pleasant devoplment/evolvment of its flavors and aromas. More earthy/leather/mineral tones presented. The cool blended wine we call Winemaker’s Blend is drinking great right now Vibrant with a nice impact, richness and denseness now. Lying it down for 2 to 6 years would be fine but that step is certainly not necessary before yu enjoy this wine.The 2006 Cab has more than four years of bottle age to it.To me this comfy Cab needs no more time in bottle in order to put a smile on your face.