Ryder Estate Cent. Coast Pinot Rose (6)



Here’s my notes from previous vintages
Nice rose for the price. Color is a little dark for rose of Pinot and I as expecting a lot of sugar but got on a little. Nice strawberry and watermelon flavors and slightly heavy on the tongue. The acidity isn’t quite there but that may be from the heavier mouth feel.
Good for the price but wouldn’t venture over $10 for it.

Big extracted PN rose, could have fooled me into a grenache. Nice round mouthfeel with a bit of of noticeable RS. Not bad at under $10. A bit tart in the finish.

I haven’t had the 14’. Also of note is I can buy all these at bevmo for a $1 cheaper per bottle. If you don’t live near one this woot is the better deal.


~EVERY~ wine, red, white or pink, is 13.5% AbV!?
Can you say manipulation, or just a data fluke?


Really? Isn’t that what makes Winesmith famous??


You can see all the labels here. Back label confirms the numbers.


Or they don’t care and just print it without checking?