Ryobi 18-Volt Lithium-Ion 12-Inch String Trimmer

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Ryobi 18-Volt Lithium-Ion 12-Inch String Trimmer
Price: $59.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Wednesday, Jan 15 to Monday, Jan 20) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Let’s learn all about the warranty and Ryobi tools

Looks like the P103 battery. You’ll want a second battery for sure. I’ve never been able to accomplish my front yard *around sidewalks, poles, signage, etc) on one of the smaller batteries.

Use lithium batteries only. The NiCad’s are useless in this device.

The line advance actually works, and works VERY well.

With a refurb, who knows what the condition is of the battery.

I just placed my order and I’m rather excited. I was thinking of buying a new one for $120 from Home Depot last fall.

As a child, I hated dragging the extension cord around my parents’ yard when trimming their corner lot, so when I bought my house (also on a corner), I went with a craftsman cordless trimmer. It even had an offer for a free third battery. Despite having three batteries, I can never get my yard done in one go, because the Ni-Cad batteries don’t hold good enough of a charge over a week, and I never remember to switch them out on the charger (which takes ~18 hours/battery). I need to plan my trimming 3 days in advance to have a chance of getting my yard done! I usually end up skipping the trimming or only doing the worst areas because it is such a hassle trying to have more than one battery fully charged.

Compare that to my Ryobi One+ drill kit with Li-Ion batteries I bought a year and a half ago. I went 5 months on the initial charge of one battery and it was still going strong. Sure, I only used it occasionally around the house (hanging a picture, driving some wood screws, etc…), but it really holds a charge. The batteries also charge much quicker, within a couple of hours.

I hate to sound like a fanboy, but I’m really excited that I’ll finally be able to trim/edge my yard hassle free (especially since I have the two batteries and a charger from my drill kit) And worst case, if the batteries don’t last long enough, I can trim the curb and sidewalk on battery and then plug in an extension cord for around the house and driveway.

Edit: Here is a link to the drill kit I own. If you buy the trimmer and find you want a couple more batteries and a charger, it will probably be a cheap way to get them, with a couple of drills thrown in. A lot of the combo kits at home depot are basically same cost as the batteries and charger they provide. http://www.homedepot.com/p/Ryobi-One-18-Volt-Lithium-Ion-Drill-and-Impact-Driver-Combo-Kit-2-Tool-P882/203406854#

paired with a couple of the large, 4AH lithiums, you’ll run out of string before battery.

I love my ryobi one system… I’ve gut renovated 5 houses and a few apartments on my tools - not a single one broken. Stock blades wear out, obviously… and the original nicads are long gone. I’ve added a good bit of the newer green tools to my old work horse blue tools… I really have nothing but good things to say.

Where was this when I needed one last summer? I think I paid well over 100 dollars for this same model and it was just to do one last trim at the end of the season lest the code enforcers fine me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have this exact trimmer. Two years in use. Very happy with it. I was surprised how well it worked.

It’s good for light to medium trimming, anything major and it will bog down and drain the battery pretty quick. Also a replacement battery is about $60.00. DO NOT buy the old style Ryobi batteries they are junk and only last a few months. The new lithium ones are a 100 times better.

I have one of these. The battery died after a few months. I took it to Home Depot’s rental area and they gave me a replacement battery, no questions asked.

I have 10+ Ryobi One Plus 18v tools. I recommend the brand and single battery multiple tool concept. My latest purchase was a Ryobi One Plus 18-Volt 2 in. 18-Gauge Cordless Brad Nailer works great!

Cast my vote for the Ryobi one+ system as well.
I use their:
Circular saw
Reciprocating Saw
Halogen Flashlight
Portable Fan
String Trimmer (battery only type)
Leaf Blower
and have been VERY happy with each of them. The yard tools are not designed to eliminate the need for a good STIHL/Husqvarna etc chainsaw or weed whacker, but they are my go-to tools for routine maintenance around the yard with no complaints. I have cut tons of bamboo with the reciprocating saw, and use the trimmer and blower all the time around our pool and walks as well as next door at my parents’ house. Having no cord to drag is a BIG plus in my opinion (though with this one, you have the option of using 110v if you need to…)
As someone else already said, get a bigger battery and you will be more than happy with all the tools that you can use that run off the same power source.

OOOHHH I’m jealous… I didn’t even know they made this item…
Guess I need to check out HD and/or the CPO site more often!

Bought one of these to go with the rest of my Ryobi One+ tools. Couldn’t be happier with it. It’s quiet and does a great job.

Several refurbished battery operated items that I have bought on woot have arrived DOA, with batteries that were at the end of their useful life, or with corroded terminals and did not last more than a few weeks. When DOA, woot is good at refunding the purchase. But when the battery dies after a few weeks, there is not much recourse. It’s a bit of a gamble with refurbished battery powered products offered here.

I’ve thirteen One+ tools and am buying this simply because I get a the hybrid trimmer and small battery for $30 with the purchase of a $30 charger… which I was going to buy next weekend while at the big ol’ box store that sells the ryobi stuffs…

I like them for that reason right there. Because of the pricing of the kits versus individual tools i have ended up with multiples of certain tools, and a bunch of batteries. Its actually pretty good because now i can loan out tools to people (that i trust to return them.) Or if im doing a big project that and i need help, i have enough drills to go around so no sharing needed.

Terrible battery life, you will need two(got fenced in .29 acre). The trimmer failed on me during year 2. Went with refurb WORX.

I have the 18 volt only versions of this weed wickier and was ready to take it back since it had problems cutting the grass if it was too tall, thick or damp ! BUT Then I did some searching around for something with a little more cutting power. What comes stock with this Ryobi is a smooth round .065 cutting line which just cuts so so. But find something like a .065 Dia. Hexagon square shape line OR the Silver Streak String Line size.065 called the Edge which has maybe 6 sides. Sears it the ONLY place I found anything other then just smooth round .065 line like came on it. These other high performance options were only found at my local sears stores. But after making the change to the more aggressive lines it was like moving up from a 4 cylinder engine to a 6 cylinder engine.The also has a new twisted model that is suppose to increase its cutting and making the string whirl sound quieter.
Trimmer Line .065 Dia Hexagon square shape Line or the

Silver Streak String Trimmer Line Size The Edge .065 which is maybe a 6 sided trim line .