Ryobi 26-cc 22-Inch Gas Hedge Trimmer

Solid reviews (3.8 out of 5.0) over at amazon

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I actually could really use this. But, the whole APO thing… In the old days, you guys used to ship almost anything over here. Now, only if it’s smaller than a box of tissue and doesn’t have any electrical parts.

A gas hedge trimmer is THE way to go! Forget electrics. They will keep things trimmed up, but won’t knock back the greenery as it grows, so you can’t sustain the size of your shrubs. If my Craftsman weren’t still this side of dead, I’d be all over this. It’s a great price!

they use vendors half the time. they don’t even see a good portion of what they sell.

Terrible reviews at Home Depot on the base model RY39500. The second R gets added once its refurbished.

I purchased this Ryobi hedge trimmer last August.
I have used it a total of 5 times only. It became very difficult to start up.
The major design flaw with this hedge trimmer is
a very poorly designed carburetor, It is held on with only 2
Torx screws.
The vibration produced by pulling the starter cord causes
the Torx screws to loosen up. The carburetor hangs loose off
the engine causing gasoline to leak out. This produces the
no start condition.
Do not buy this hedge trimmer . Save your money.


Ryobi is the Black and Decker of trimmers. Made real cheap and won’t last long.

Terrible luck with my TWO previous Ryobi two cycle tools. These are cheap engines with picky carburetors. Your money is better spent on a quality tool. If you insist on purchasing this, only run non-ethanol gas in it, which you should already be doing with all your outdoor equipment.

I’m jumping on the band wagon with those who were not too happy about this trimmer. A vivid example is that 24 out of 40 Home Depot customers who bought and reviewed this item would NOT recommend it. And this is the new Ryobi hedge trimmer. A good number of buyers who bought the refurbished version from Amazon (exactly the same as this one) found fault with them.

My actual experience with a gas Ryobi product is the string trimmer I purchased a few years ago. I used it about 2 or 3 times without too much problem. After that it became difficult to start and later IMPOSSIBLE to start.

Even though a 22" Gas trimmer sounds great, I have had my 18" Craftsman electric for 25 years and its still going strong.

I have an Echo SHC-225 that I got at Home Depot as a refurb unit for under 200 bucks.

If you are comparing an electric trimmer to a gas one, IMO, this Ryobi is great. If you are comparing to other gas trimmers there are better ones but they will cost you.

For the price, if I didn’t have the echo, I’d be in for one. It will likely last 3 years when you can toss it and buy a new one. You just have to have the mind set that this is basically disposable in the long run Vs. a much more expensive unit that will last and can be repaired worst case.

Just bought an electric Craftsman, 22" trimmer. Using a cord is no big deal. I have two rows of Arborvitae each 40’ long, 8’ high. This works like a dream. The handle can rotate 90 degrees making it very comfortable on your wrist. They are on sale for $59 reduced from $69.

I bought a sears C3 Lithium Battery model trimmer like this. No gas, the battery dies about the same time I do. One of my better purchases in life. To do a 90ft long-5ft hedge takes me 3-charges. Same price - new, not refurbished.

No experience with the gas trimmer… but I have plenty of experience with OTHER Ryobi 2-cycle landscaping equipment.

I have found that they use the same, or very similar, 2-cycle engines for all landscaping equipment AND IT IS JUNK! My weed trimmer lasted MAYBE 2.5 months. My blower lasted ONE season.

I would avoid this at all costs.

And lets get more quality posts Conan. Almost 1500 is ridiculous.

In for 1, a crap shoot to trim shrubbery in between the landscapers.

As often as I start trimming and stop, this would make me insane. 2 Cycle (gas/oil mix) is a drawback too. I can think of 20+ reasons to not get this, yet the one that draws me back is that the wife keeps cutting the electric cord EVERY TIME she uses it.

For the 3-4 times a years we do an acre’s worth of trimming, I’ll still stick with the electric. Cord length isn’t a problem on the property as I thought out the electric needs long ago and had runs to the pine trees and major hedges for Xmas lights.

try shipitapo - Pain and more $$ but gives you a “normal” address.

I must be doing something wrong, but this is the worst trimmer I’ve ever owned. It does not cut anything, but just pushed the stuff over. I made the mistake of throwing the box it came in away, or this would be going back in a heart beat…