Ryobi 40-Volt Cordless Lithium-Ion 13-Inch String Trimmer

Some additional info and a video can be found on the product page


TONS of solid reviews (3.8 out of 5.0) over at homedepot.com

I have this, bought from the orange store last year. It is GREAT. Seriously. I live near houston, tx and have that thick corded St. Augustine grass and this handles it no problem. Just today I whacked my entire back yard (the whole thing, not just the edges). Weeds were feet high and thick. My gas mower needs some work and I couldn’t put off the yard any longer. I made it through on one charge (60x40 ft for the back yard). When edging vertically along the sidewalks and driveway the key is to throttle down the string. If I go full throttle it eats line very fast. If I slow it down I can do it all with little loss. The line being thin is a bonus in my opinion, it cuts through everything with little effort. I’ve been using gas trimmers all my adult life and it took a lot of convincing to try this one and I am so glad I did. I even like the line feed system, and you’ll quickly learn from the sound when it’s time to feed some more out, and you’ll also quickly learn at what speed to slow it down so it will advance the line (and you’ll be able to “pump” it to advance it quickly if you break a lot off). I don’t pimp many products here on woot but really, this thing has saved me so much aggravation over my gas trimmers and I love it.

Thank you for sharing your detailed personal experience with this. Was on the fence but pulled the trigger after reading your account.

Just get the blue gator line instead of the thin stuff it comes with. There’s also a chainsaw 12" auto oiling , two hedge trimmer attachments and a lawn mower that uses this battery. You can get bare tools without battery and charger which were $140 by themselves last year.

Short 41-sec. Ryobi Overview Demonstration:


Is this the High capacity 40volt battery? It appears to be in the picture. If it is this is a great deal.

Run it too fast too long and the string will weld to itself resulting in frequently having to open the trimmer head and fix the string. I took mine back to the orange store. I wonder if the gator line results in a better experience?

I too have never chimed in on these discussions (although I have read them many times) but felt the need to for this product.

I LOVE battery-powered things so I had no worries about this being battery powered. However, I was worried it would be under-powered or have short runtimes. NEITHER of which is a problem! I have a 0.4 acre lot and trim around the entire property (either fence or deck or house) and edge the driveway. The battery lasts three full cycles of trimming the yard with some battery life to spare. It’s 1,000 times quieter than even a quality gas trimmer, doesn’t vibrate like my old gas trimmer did, doesn’t smell, always “starts”, etc. This thing is pretty much just incredible. If you’ve used a 18v trimmer, don’t be fooled, this 40v trimmer is a different animal completely, I haven’t found something that it won’t trim. Even when I was gone for two weeks last summer and had 18" tall weeds growing in my ditches, this thing tore right through them. Just fired it up for the first trim of the season last weekend and no problems at all. I let the battery rest over the winter at a half charge state and didn’t bother putting on the charger before this weekend, just put it in the trimmer and did the whole yard, it still has 25% left according to the read out on the pack. I plan on buying the hedge trimmer this week as I have lots of bushes that need constant maintenance.


It seems everyone sells these as refurbs. I couldn’t find a new one for sale online except for one on Ebay. That concerns me. Does anyone know what’s getting refurbed on these trimmers?

I just picked this up a month ago, after ethanol ate up my gas trimmer again (even with additives). I must say it works well on my 1/2 acre south Florida Floritam lawn. It has enough power to go through the centipede style grass, though the .065 line is a bit weak trimming against concrete walls, and broke frequently. I’m going to try .080 line on my next spool.
I wasn’t choked up with its edging function, so I sprung for the edger attachment, since battery life wasn’t an issue. I must say that the edger attachment has very good torque and rpm, and did as good a job as my gas version did, not getting hung up at all.
With the way this performs, I may spring for the blower next.
The battery charges fast, given its size, so I’m not worried about having to buy another for a back up to complete the chore.

this is worth it just for the battery. sell the trimmer (if you already have one) on ebay. It’s a good trimmer. Yes, get the thicker replacement string and it won’t break as often and still feeds fine

I bought one of these new from Home Depot last year and its been great. You can’t beat this deal as I believe just buying an extra battery costs more than this. I’ve got the Ryobi 40v lawn mower, hedge trimmer, chainsaw, and this trimmer. Love them all.

Another thumbs up here!

I bought one last year and it’s been fantastic! I do all the trimming (including edging the walkways) and I still end up with 3/4 battery left over. Great power…certainly no issue there. My only complaint would be the feeder…it’s minor but if the line breaks near the trimmer you have to autofeed 5 or 6 times to get the line long enough to trim again. It’s an annoyance but nothing near a deal-breaker. This is a great deal on a great trimmer!

We have a 18v Ryobi trimmer we bought 2 summers ago http://tinyurl.com/ngrc626. We bought it because I already have other 18v Ryobi tools and wanted the batteries to be compatible.

Highly recommended. Light, quiet, and cuts well. I can’t imagine how well this model would work.

3.8 does not equal “solid reviews” in my book. Why didn’t you post the link to the Amazon 1 star rating?


Battery is not new and will affect how long the charge lasts as well as the life of the battery. Amazon has this same model for $99. Only has one review and it is one of 5 stars.


I have the 40v Ryobi hedge trimmer and it’s awesome. Hard to believe it’s powered by a battery; the thing is scary powerful. I’m planning to invest in their 40v tool line by getting this trimmer and the chainsaw this spring. Obviously I already have the battery and charger so I’m not buying this here today, but if you don’t have them yet I’d strongly recommend it.

Purchased one new from the orange place in town last year, and it’s performed admirably. Replacement string cartridges are a bit on the expensive side, but the light weight of the trimmer greatly makes up for it. Unfortunately, I had to purchase a second battery to use it on 2.5ac. It’s definitely not meant for larger work areas, but a second battery fixes that for the most part.

I hate to spoil the party, but there are a few downsides to this trimmer that the educated buyer should know about…

First I need to remind you that this is a refurb that you are buying. As a refurb, you are buying a USED item which may or may not have been cleaned up a bit. If you should run into problems, you should not expect too much help from Woot, as they already told you that refurbed items have a “checkered” history. Your only recourse is to contact the manufacturer…Lots of luck!

Finally, I use to buy Ryobi products about 20 or 25 years ago. At that time they were making their products to appeal to the professional segment of the market. The products they sold at that time were the best of the best. Ryobi later refocused their objective market to the home user. This was a huge money maker for Ryobi but the quality of the Ryobi product changed for the worse. Plastic was substituted for metal where ever it could. The company objective was no longer to make the best but rather to sell to a much wider and less knowledgeable final consumer.