Ryobi 40-Volt Cordless Lithium-Ion 13-Inch String Trimmer

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Ryobi 40-Volt Cordless Lithium-Ion 13-Inch String Trimmer
Price: $84.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Wednesday, Apr 16 to Monday, Apr 21) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Product page no longer exists, has been replaced with the newer model here, which extends

Good reviews at homedepot.com

Let Lowe’s tech you how to use a string trimmer and check out these 7 string tips to remember

I bought one of these last month.

The unit says “RY24021” and “24 volt.” The included manual says ZRRY4020.

The battery says “Lithium 40 volts.”

Hmm. Did they ship the wrong product?

I emailed Ryobitools support and they said:
“The 40V product described is the 40V power module, 40V battery, and charger. The 24V RY24021 is just the compatible string trimmer lower attachment that was included.”

Curious to see if wooters get the 24V or 40V trimmer attachment this time.

So we get a 40v battery but only the 24v model trimmer?

I have this and 1/3 acre property and i find it works great and i still have juice left over… Its worth it for the battery and charger alone. (130.00) new from homedepot.

could have been a mistake, I’m not seeing anywhere that says it’s a 24 volt trimmer.
and unfortunately, there are a lot of tools here on woot.

Bought one last month, no regrets.

I am STRONGLY considering buying another one today JUST for the battery (this is cheaper than ANY batter I’ve found).
Then I can just get a cheap refurb blower (without battery) …and it’s still cheaper to do it this way LOL.

Very happy with the product though. I took it right home and spent maybe over an hour cutting things I shouldn’t have been cutting with it (as in, I way over-used it). I then switched string to the more manly string from my broken gas trimmer …HUUGGEEEEE difference. So, get some GOOD string and toss the stuff it comes with, it will save you time and frustration and your opinion will greatly improve out of the box with just a string change.

I bought one of these a couple weeks ago. I have zero complaints. It’s as powerful as my gas trimmer that broke and I find that the battery lasts more than long enough for my yard. I also bought their 40V hedge trimmer which gave me another battery to use on both products.

It would also be worth picking up if you simply need another 40V battery as was said above.

Can the battery be used in my cordless black and Decker drill? Would be nice to have a spare battery for that.

I bought this last time. Not real happy with it because it was not refurbished real well, still had grass stains on it from being used. I tried to cancel the order 3 hours after purchase but you only have 15 minutes to cancel, which is ridiculous. I have bought other items from woot and they were refurbished but were really new.
I won’t be taking any chances with woot any more, just not a good program anymore.
Dissatisfied Customer

Uh anyone else confused? So you bought the item and received it in under 3 hours, then tried to cancel your purchase?

I bought one last time also. It was in bad shape. The handle was cracked. I sent pictures to Woot Support of the cracked handle and never heard back. I ended up buying a replacement handle from Ryobi at my own expense.

I have had one of these for a while now but I’m not sure what other string is available. Do you restring the cartridge with thicker string? Or are there other cartridges that are compatible with this product? If so I would love to be pointed in the right direction to buy it.

Yes, just restring it. There isn’t a cartridges that I know of, other than just pulling the spool out and putting new string on it.

Look up some reviews on the best string to use… I just got mine from Lowes or HD in a big spool of it, it’s green in color and has multiple edges on it (its not round) which is far superior for cutting. I dont know much more about it, but most stores carry this type of stuff.

Anyway, just open the spool housing (it just pops off), pull all the old string out, wind new string in, shove it through the little hole and slide the spool back in place and put the cap back on. Good to go.

I should have done it on first use, but didn’t realize how much of a difference it made until I ran out of the stuff it came with and put my heavy duty string on…wow… just… night and day difference. it also lasted a LOT longer too.

Not unless your drill is the size of a cement truck. These are BIG BATTERIES(the size of, say, a large fruitcake or banana nut loaf). There are several other accessories for it though… Blower, chainsaw, hedge trimmer…even a lawn mower! (nothing can compete against a good gas mower though, so I won’t even bother looking at that one haha)…

I will be picking up the blower though, you can get a refurb (amazon) with no battery for $60ish. Then just buy TWO of these trimmers (2nd one for the battery alone, the store the trimmer motor for a backup).

AND I just bought a 2nd one JUST for the battery.

Couldn’t pass up the spare battery for the extra accessories I am going to get for it… Would be nice to have one always on charge while using the other one.

Bought one last month. Was really looking forward to getting rid of my two noisy, smelly strokers.

FedEx says they delivered it. I didn’t get it. Two unanswered support tickets to Woot later and I’m out 90 bucks.

I’m torn between ordering another one and dumping Woot altogether after 38 buys. I don’t normally call a company out in public for their mistakes, but grr… not even a “screw you” from Woot? Just nothing? Come on!

Hey there, I asked about you and the vendor/buyer wrote back with: