Ryobi 40-Volt Cordless Lithium-Ion 13-Inch String Trimmer

Ryobi 40-Volt Cordless Lithium-Ion 13-Inch String Trimmer
Price: $84.99
Condition: Refurbished

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**Item: **Ryobi 40-Volt Cordless Lithium-Ion 13-Inch String Trimmer
Price: $84.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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I have one of these and its actually pretty impressive. Don’t expect it to do what a high end NASA trimmer will do but if you have ever used an 18v electric trimmer this will blow your mind. Plus you don’t have to worry with mix file or keeping it running. If the battery has a charge your ready to go. Oh and the battery goes for $100 so its a pretty good deal.

I have this trimmer. It has Plenty of power! I have a small yard but this thing cuts through thick Bermuda without hesitation and I use maybe a quarter of the battery doing all the trimming and edging. Auto line feed can be annoying because it lets out so little each time but that’s a nit pick.

No blower attachment…must buy the separate blower from homedepot.com but it uses the same battery and you can buy it with or without.

I wanted to buy battery powered sooner…glad I waited for the 40 volt. No regrets on this purchase.


I bought one of these at the beginning of summer after frustration with a 2 cyle, then a terrible 4 cycle Ryobi trimmer. No issues with fuel or starting with this one. After having some 18v trimmers years ago I didn’t expect much, but this was amazing. It cuts through everything my gas powered one did, and actually has a longer run time. I thought the edger function was stupid until I tried it, and after a bit of practice it does work very well. I paid $180 new if I remember correctly.

I bought one of these from Home Depot back in May and I have to say I am pretty happy with it.


Quiet (compared to a 2/4-cycle), battery on a full charge will get me through two+ jobs of trimming/edging my healthy .25 acre corner lot, lots of juice…cuts through St. Augustine grass with no issues.


The plastic-y build of the “business end” worries me a bit (scared that the shroud could break off at some point), the guide wheel (again being plastic) is a bit on the flimsy side.

I paid $150 for this new and at this price its a steal. Aside from my concerns about the plastic (which thus far held up to a busy weekly summer cutting schedule) it is a nice piece of kit.

Here is a very important review.
From HD website. Link to follow

“The string is the weak link on this trimmer! It can only handle young supple grass without breaking all the time. No options to put a plastic or chain cutter on this trimmer. With the .065 string you’re left with just trimming grass. If you need to do weeds look for a different trimmer!
The trimmer itself, is of good quality, though its all plastic. The 40 volt battery last for a good time, and ready to take a break after constant use when the battery runs down. Charging is at an hour.
I have a 2 1/2 acres yard to work, this trimmer is convenient to use. Just wish it could do weeds better than it does. I should have purchased a trimmer that could do weeds, as I have more of the weeds, than I do the grass.”

I have owned cheap trimmers and commercial trimmers. I have never had one with an auto string dispenser work reliably. Can an after market manual string attachment be installed on this unit?

This is a great deal. I have this trimmer as well as the Ryobi 40v lawnmower, hedge trimmer, and chainsaw. The same battery can be used for any of them. All of their 40v products can be purchased with or without the battery/charger. The price difference (at least at Home Depot)is about $90-$100 more if you buy the item with the battery/charger. I have a friend that has been wanting the mower. I showed him this and said it would be cheaper to buy the mower without the battery from Home Depot and buy the trimmer here. Saves him a little cash and he basically gets a free trimmer.

I own the 24V model and it works well in St. Augustine grass here in south FL. I went to next higher string gauge and it works just fine and lasts longer (plenty of power). I went for 40V for reasons mentioned above: the suite. I have an old Neuton SLA-battery mower (which I love, but it is REALLY heavy and is > 5yrs old and getting worn out) and a crappy 18V NiCd blower that I’m now gonna replace with the trimmer and battery and changer here and I just ordered the mower and blower from Home Depot (without battery or charger) and saved big!

Remark, how did you change to the larger string? They only seem to sell one size replacement spool. Did you have to wind a spool yourself manually? I’d appreciate any advice on how to do this.

I have this trimmer and love it, except for the narrow gauge string that tends to break too easily on weeds as others have mentioned. I have the blower, hedge trimmer and pole saw also and they are all fantastic. Battery power on these 40v gadgets is so much better than the 24v and 18v versions.

I have the 18 volt version of this and was ready to take it back but first decided to try a different line. The only place I could find this was at Sears …a 5 or 6 sided line and it made all the difference in the world. It is still a .065 size line but cuts a whole lot better then the round that came stock with it. I will post the specifics on the line after I find the package it came in.

Oh yeah…I did see a new model that was 18volt AND 110volt. You could plug in in and use it as a corded weed eater and or use it as a cordless 18volt one. Sounds like something they should have thought of doing a long time ago !

I have this. Good weight, balance, power, battery time. My biggest complaint is the weak string. The autofeed doesn’t work worth a darn. If you edge around fence, brick, anything harder than a blade of grass, be prepared to be stopping every 30 seconds to pull out more string.

A new 40V battery alone costs $100. If you already have Ryobi equipment, it’s useful to have extra batteries so this is a good deal. The first spare battery I did buy at the store was defective and they replaced it with no questions. So test your batteries immediately. Fully charge, run them all the way down, then charge again. I imagine this battery passed their refurb testing by running successfully for a few seconds but this battery failed after about 30-40% usage.

To refill the spool with .065 cord, just pass one end of the cord through the hole in the outer casing (the trimmer) and then insert into the designated hole in the empty spool. Place the spool back onto its post on the trimmer and you’ll notice it only rotates in one direction. Turn the spool in this direction to load the cord onto the spool. When you insert the cord into the spool, it goes in at an angle. The winding of new cord to load the spool will go in the opposing direction. If you wind the cord in the same direction as the angle in which you load the cord into the spool, it will spill out the next time you apply power.

It’s easy to rewind your own string. I bought Rino-Tuff Universal trimmer Line from Home Depot in 0.080" dia. I like that line because it has ridges and seems to cut through the grass better than smooth line. It’s also MUCH tougher and doesn’t break often at all. It fits through the feed hole just fine.

I wish this was for the hedger or blower. Pretty awesome deal but I’ve got a solid gas trimmer.

I’ve got an assortment of the green Ryobi 18V Li stuff and love it. The 18v drill w/ 2 batteries is way under $100 at HD right now and there are awesome accessories like the programmable inflator.

How many Amps is the motor on this guy?

Looks like there is an attachment you can get at Home Depot that would tackle some thicker weeds.