Ryobi 40-Volt Cordless Lithium-Ion 13-Inch String Trimmer

Good price ($150 new at Home Depot).

Does a good job cutting, but I have had 6+ and the line auto-feeder hasn’t worked on ANY of them. All returned.

It’s a shame that flail head is store-only and not in stock anywhere near me or my family or I would order some. If only AMAZON would carry it … :wink:

I know this Ryobi is made by Homelite and there is an identical model sold under the Homelite name at places like Sears. Perhaps they will have something like this flail head.

Are they going to start shipping soon ?

We usually ship within 3-5 business days, hopefully we’ll have it out this week, but Thanksgiving may meddle with that!

Super disappointed in this one.

This is more a heavily used item and less a refurb.

Most often I’ve had good luck with refurbs, a scratch here, a ding there, but this one takes the cake. It hasn’t even been cleaned up, grass is still caked all over it. Dirt and deep gashes on the string head. The type of wear and tear on this guy indicates that it has been seriously used.

Wear on the battery where it slides indicates heavy use and a lot of recharges.

Usually refurb doesn’t mean used.

Sorry for the problems. Refurbed units are sometimes used and brought back to working condition.

Have you contacted Ryobi?

My unit just came in and it also has issues.
The handle was broken right out of the box.
Here is a picture of the handle 5 minutes after unboxing:


These pieces were in the box:


Also, the shroud appears to be from a different model/revision. That’s because the head has a tab with no corresponding cutout in the shroud: