Ryobi Lithium-Ion Straight Shaft String Trimmers

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Ryobi Lithium-Ion Straight Shaft String Trimmers
Price: $59.99 - 74.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Thursday, Jul 10 to Tuesday, Jul 15) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Couple of reviews for the Ryobi ZRP2210

Better deal at the depot why pay $75 for a refurb when $99 gets you brand new with a trimmer included.


Don’t forget, safety first!

Not to mention it comes with 2 more years warranty, definitely worth the extra $25 for the hedge trimmer and warranty

I didn’t believe it but I saw it myself. Home Depot is selling a special on the 24V trimmer which includes a 24 inch hedge trimmer at no additional cost…$99.99. Oh yes, this is NEW with a full warranty. Unless woot adjusts their price, this is a NO DEAL.

If you bothered to look at your link, it’s out of stock online. And not within 100 miles of my location, in my case. Not worth dreaming about a deal that doesn’t exist.

Nice deal. Good find. Thx.

Agree, no stores near me have this either. I don’t need this, but I also wonder if it’s available near anybody else checking this out. This also has a different model # (?) than the one linked above, I’m guessing the one linked above is newer/better with a 3 year warranty–if it was available in my area.

The 24200, without battery or charger, is also at Home Depot, but $69.97 new.

with manual:

So, if you can get the alternative above, might be worthwhile if you can get the package (and as noted, the package may be nearly/sold out since neither I or turtlegirl have it available nearby). Otherwise, reconditioned with battery/charger for about $75 vs. new without either for $5 less.

I own the 18V version. Bought it after I got a One+ set as a gift and I didn’t want to spend a ton of $$ on a gas trimmer.

It does the job pretty well. Battery lasts long enough to do the edging and trimming around my yard (just over .25 acres). It has enough power to get through most grass and small weeds, but bigger weeds give it trouble.

The money I’ve saved in gas, oil, etc has been nice.

bought last time. trimmer arrived with completly dead battery wouldn’t charge. Woot offer was to ship whole mess back, not just the battery and had no stock to replace anything. Kept it because of the charger and trimmer. I had other batteries. takes 3 to trim around my 30 foot pool. You decide but I wouldn’t do it again.

grumble grumble

I wonder if the motors on these will burn out after 3 uses like their 40V models I was suckered into.

A few thoughts:

  1. The Home Depot deal is good…or should I say was good, since this was a Father’s Day special. I just checked 28 stores within my “General” area and none of them have it available. And since this was an in-store only deal, it can’t be ordered online.
  2. The 18-volt one is available on Amazon for $80, so at $55 this is a decent deal. Amazon doesn’t appear to have this available new (other sellers do at a high price).
  3. Brand new the 24-volt trimmer goes for $145 on Amazon, so at around half, this is a decent deal. Unfortunately they do not have it refurbished.
  4. The 24-volt model has poor reviews on Amazon.
  5. The refurbished and the new 18-volt models have good reviews, yet only a total of three reviews compared to the 27 for the 24-volt model.

I have the 24V model and am very happy with it. I’ve had it for 2 years and it does my 1/3 acre property on one charge unless I let things go too long. My only complaint and it is minor, is that the string line is on the thin side and wears down quickly when edging along sidewalk etc. It is plenty strong and has handled everything I’ve asked it to do. I paid full retail at HD for mine. Heck this is a good deal just to get a spare battery as they run $119 normally.

Instead of finding all the adjectives to describe how terrible this product is, I will just paste my email to Ryobi regarding this lousy pile of equipment:

I am writing in response to your twitter reply regarding my complaint about Ryobi outdoor products. Last season I purchased a Ryobi 24v Model 24020 String Trimmer from Best Buy in Irondequoit, NY. In fact, I was looking at another brand of cordless trimmer to replace my existing gas powered model when the Home Depot representative recommended this product instead. We discussed performance as well as battery life and interchangeability with other outdoor products I might consider purchasing in the future. There is also an edging function built-in which I thought was a bonus. He seemed knowledgeable about the comparisons I was making so I took his advice and purchased this model.

I could tell on it’s first use I had made a mistake. The grass deflector itself feels flimsy and while I suppose it does a good job of deflecting grass, it also conceals all the workings of the trimmer itself. There is a “workspace” on the front of the trimmer that also has a “flower bed guard” but the guard itself seems to get in the way of trimming anything when the line gets shorter, though that’s not usually much of an issue since the guard is not secured in any real way and gets pushed aside with any bit of use against a hard surface.
The filament itself continually breaks, which makes the working line shorter and shorter until I notice I’m not really trimming anything at all. There is supposed to be an auto-feed feature with this model, which has never, ever worked based on the directions in the user manual:

 With the trimmer running, release the switch trigger.

 Wait two seconds, and press the switch trigger.

NOTE: The string will extend approximately 1/4 in. with
each stop and start of the switch trigger until the string
reaches the length of the grass deflector cut-off blade.

 Resume trimming

Regardless of what those instructions say, the line never advances and I have to stop, pull the battery, manually advance the line, and then reconnect the battery to continue for another minute or two before that line has broken down and I have to do it again.

As for the edging feature. The line supplied is too frail to go up against a driveway, I tried a few feet of edging and quickly realized how futile that feature was.

I used this trimmer about three times last season before getting annoyed and going back to my loud 2-cycle gas trimmer I was looking to get rid of. This season I stubbornly tried to give this Ryobi trimmer another chance and remembered quickly why I gave up on it last year. It’s even more frustrating because I took advice in the store about this purchase which made me stray from the model I was originally looking at. I also intended on buying a hedge trimmer with the compatible battery since the 24v Lithium is the only nice part of this product, but I dont think that’s a good idea anymore.

I’m not sure what you can do to remedy what I think is just a poor quality product that does not perform as I would have expected. It’s just disappointing because I feel like I blew my money on a product that does not perform as advertised.

I just upgraded from an 18 volt to a 40 volt ryobi hedge trimmer. The handle broke on the 18v trimmer but I had three good years out of it. The battery was phenomenal and I could do my whole acre yard which has a long hedge wrapping around the back and plantings around the house on 2 charges. The 40 volt trimmer is an entirely different beast. It chews through everything. One charge does the whole yard. It is heavier. If you need a heavy duty unit, spend the money on the 40 volt. Absolutely incredible machine with upgraded materials. Just a vote of confidence for Ryobi. Just make sure you get the right voltage system which also determines the weight and ruggedness of the different level trimmers.

Own an 18 volt - One+ series Ryobi Trimmer. The firt one died in the first 20 minutes of use.

My second one however was a little workhorse. Basically used it to keep a 1 acre property in check as we didn’t have a working mower at the time.

I used this on some monstrous weeds and thistles. Granted, the Husqvarna gas powered weed whacker I replaced it with is far superior and far more capable.

But for the the price I bought the One+ unit (I think it was $99), which included a battery and a charger - which is $89 in and of itself.

So if the 24 volt is anything like the 18 volt but with 50% more umpf. I’d think it would make for a great little trimmer for those with a modest property.

I bought the 18v one from Woot last winter. I was pleasantly surprised how well it works. Haven’t used my gas trimmer all year. For the price, its almost worth it just for the extra battery and charger. (I have lots of 18+ tools)

I’ve had one for a few seasons and like it. The string advance is flakey and sometimes I have to manually advance it but that’s usually only when you really whack something that shreds most of the line off in one shot and leaves only a nub.

If you actually need the weed wacker it’s fine for normal grass and occasional heavier weeds. It gets the job done but isn’t a powerhouse.

The large battery came with mine, but this one looks like it includes the smaller battery. I would almost go for it again just to get another large battery because it lasts so well in the drills and drivers, but with the small battery… meh.