Ryobi Lithium-Ion String Trimmer, 2 Batteries

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Ryobi Lithium-Ion String Trimmer, 2 Batteries
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Time to learn all about the warranty and lets take a minute to learn how to use a string trimmer

These are 24 volt, not 40 volt like the description leads you to believe.


I have the 40V version that burned up after a few trims. THe motor literally caught on fire and I had to toss it into the driveway.

I found out this is why they are being nearly liquidated everywhere.

The issue is that the motor is down on the ground, open for cooling, and because of that moisture, debris, etc all gets inside and fries the motor.

If you look at Ryobi’s NEW design, the motor is higher up on the shaft and they designed it so you can use all your old gas powered attachments for it. MUCH better design.

I have two 40V versions of the one here and both died on me. Save your money, or plan to have it repaired. Ryobi DOES cover it for 1 year for refurbs, so I plan to take mine in for repair and immediately get rid of them and buy the newer version. I can then not have the motor getting wet, and also be able to use all my old gas attachments with the newer version.

Where do you buy spare string spools, batteries, chargers, if needed?

I bought one of these last spring. Please do not buy one. They are very awkward to use, they do not handle well at all, the line feed is very hard to use. Mine is in the shop being repaired at this time the battery would not charge. The repair shop is waiting for parts from manufacturer, it has been over 3 weeks being repaired. I would not buy it again at any price, a very frustrating tool.

Home Depot seems to carry a full line of this brand. Not sure about getting 24 volt unit as every other Ryobi tool seems to be either 18 or 40 volts and sharing batteries among tools is a major benefit of Ryobi tools.

I picked up the 40 Volt 0.80 line version earlier this year. I like it a lot. Not that that helps with these 24 volt versions. I came to see if I could pick up extra batteries for the price here, but no. 24 Volt…

If you have other Ryobi devices the price is worth it just for the two batteries.

don’t know anything about this string trimmer but i have given ryobi enough chances to know that i will NEVER buy another ryobi product. i have had a couple of drills, a smaller version of their string trimmer, battery leaf blower etc, and i have had terrible luck with all. i have bought my last ryobi product ever. i have given them more than enough chances. when something new or bigger from ryobi comes out i would give them a try and buy it thinking that they fixed the bugs that would give me problems with their previous version. no such luck. i am staying away from this and other ryobi products.

You may be right. I have the 24v string trimmer already and like it. Heard the 24v batteries are difficult to find.

i’ve 16 tools from the one+ line and have had only two issues. the hedge trimmer that had clippings in the box, but i blame that one on the HD (come on guys, at least clean it before you put a returned item on the shelf)… and the string trimmer doesn’t like to feed when it’s in edge mode (which is quite annoying).

Thats kinda funny cause I have 2 drills, weed wackier, blower, chain saw, circular saw, jig saw, mini router/trimmer. I may have missed one… All the 18v models they sell. Have had most of these for over 1 year many going on 3+ years. they all perform admirably. You do need several batteries to complete long tasks. I almost never use my corded electric had tools now.
Don’t know this product, though. If others say: not good, then stay away! But, the 18v products are dynamite!

How exactly how does ‘‘24-Volt Lithium-Ion’’ in the description leads you to believe these are 40 volt ???

I have no experience with this 24-volt model. I did get the 18volt about 3 CHRISTmas’s ago when Home Depot had it on sale for $99 with the Big battery and a bonus 18-volt leaf blower. Figured it was a now brainier since I have at least 8 of the Ryobi tools that use the same battery and to buy a single battery was the same price, $99. I was about ready to return the trimmer due to it bogged down on tall and or damp grass…but happened to run across some 6 sided line at Sears and tried it and it made all the difference in the world over the plain round line that came with the trimmer. It looks like HD carries some twisted line in the 0.065 diameter line now that might be worth trying. Both the trimmer and the blower are still going strong.

If this were the 40v version I’d be all over it for the two batteries. We have the 40 volt Ryobi trimmer and mower, never had any problems over two years in. We skip the Ryobi string cartridges and just get a normal reel of string to wind ourselves. Easy peasy. We don’t have much storage space so went straight to electric when we bought a house. Neither the trimmer nor the mower take up much space, and there’s no worrying about gas filled stuff being stored in our attached laundry/storage room.

I have the previous Ryobi RY24000 model. It’s been through 3 summers now and I’ve had no problems with it. My only peeve is that the Ryobi line is too thin and thus wear out quicker than I’d prefer.