Ryobi TEK4 Power Screwdriver

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Ryobi TEK4 Power Screwdriver
$17.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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i need to drill holes

Is this the run 10 itmes in an hour blitz?

I actually need something like this. Is it worth it?

$27 refurbed from Amazon

$40 at HomeDepot new.

Perfect for when I build my own personal Frankenstein in a few days.

no more fake drills please.

“power screwdrivers” aren’t able to handle really tight screws, and normal screws are easy enough to remove with a normal screwdriver

Drill…with 24 positions…ha ha ha… obviously I need sleep!

absolutely. only if you buy three

they are brilliant… crack us out, make it like a gamble, make us tired, and we will buy everything in site. NAUGHTY NAUGHTY WOOT!

Ryobi sucks run away like it has the plague.

Read carefully, those torque values are inch pounds. It would be nifty though if you could get one of these with forty ft. lbs. of torque, it might break your wrist though.

nite nite time

Terribad reviews at the 'Zon.

Reviews say these break a lot.

I loved the first one of these I bought so much I bought a second for my server room. Nice to have for smaller projects or electronics shops.

Got to virtual bindle o carrot in sling-a-monkey, no go for actual thing. Level 5 on BOG drop, and then it pushed me to lvl 1, no go there either. So I don’t think thats our solution tonight.

“Died on the first screw”

yeah, I think i’ll stay away.