S. Anderson Napa Valley Sparkling Wine Trio



This one might be coming home before the week is out.

S. Anderson Napa Valley Sparkling Wine Trio
$59.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Bubbly
1 S. Anderson Vineyard 2000 Napa Valley Brut Rose
1 S. Anderson Vineyard 2000 Napa Valley Blanc de Noirs
1 S. Anderson Vineyard 1998 Napa Valley Blanc de Blancs

EDIT#1: originally posted pic w/o the Blanc de Blancs:


EDIT#2: Due to woot-oopsage, the Blanc de Blancs changed to:

1 S. Anderson 1999 Blanc de Blancs


AHA! Finally!


Deal with 2 of the wines: http://forbesclub.wineexpress.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=itemdetail&item_id_int=9670


Forbes wine club lists a similar trio for ~$85. Check it out:


I bought 3 - great for gifts in this holiday season. Keep it up Woot!!!



Back to your libations Gentiles!



I got two bottles each of the Blanc De Noirs and the Blanc de Blancs when they were up on woot back in august, they were both quite good, though I liked the blanc de noirs especially. Highly recommended.


Doesn’t that picture show a second Blanc de Noirs instead of a Blanc de Blancs ?


Yeah, the blanc de blancs bottle is clear. Here’s a link for the 1998 which is useful as it’s no longer linked off of the Cliff Lede site as far as I can tell:



Wish I could Woot! a full case . . . plan on giving these as gifts, but trying to hold on to some for my personal stash, too!


Well Since my birthday is New Years Eve, I thought this would be an appropriate gift for myself to help me ring in the new year.

Nothing like Ringing in the new year with a buzz and a bang


Nice move for wine.woot - sparkling is a welcome change!

I second the feature request for being able to order a full case.


i got these last time and loved them. now should i order 2 or 3? hmmm


that didnt take me long, i’m in for 3!


If you can’t “gift” yourself more than a triple trio, then set you another account with another credit card and buy more that way. :slight_smile:


I got one. I have no sparkling wines yet, so I’ll give it a go.



What are the chances of this getting to New Jersey before New Year’s?


I knew Woot would come through! yay.

some notes from Cellartracker!
on the 1998 Blanc de Blanc:
Community average price/value: 750ml @ $32.66
89 points: nice aroma and creamy, toasty taste with green apple and almonds.
90 points: Creamy, yeasty sparking wine with pear, ginger, and apple flavors and aromas. Nice carbonation. Great tasting finish. Delicate.
91 points:
on the 2000 Blanc de Noir:
Community average price/value: 750ml @ $23.95
rated 93 points (no notes)
on the 2000 brut rose:
Community average price/value: 750ml @ $31.65
no notes

acording to the community the value of this woot is $88.26
not bad I say.


Oh, I’m in for 2 lots. this sounds like some fun stuff.


winedavid (or anyone) - is it likely to get these before holiday parties to arizona - like before the 19th or so?