S. Anderson Sparkling Wine Quartet

Wow someone bit already. $21 a bottle before the $5 shipping. Really glad to see a mix of wines being offered to. Think I’ll wait to see the wine experts take on this before pulling the trigger but…

The price seems a little bit high to me. The winery retail price is $28, so 21.25 each plus shipping isn’t as good a discount as we commonly have seen for the wines. Here’s the website for the Blanc de Noir. http://www.cliffledevineyards.com/html/2000_blanc_de_noirs.html

I see that the Blanc de Blanc is priced higher at $38. Now the discount looks better. But, I’m more of a Blacn de Noir fan myself. Here’s the link: http://www.cliffledevineyards.com/html/1998_blanc_de_blancs.html

Thanks for the edit fullerwoot- now the average retail price is $33, for 35.6% savings.

The question for me is, how much longer can the '98 sit in the bottle? I’m all for this quartet so long as I can save the 98’s for celebrations in the next 2 years or so.

I’ve found nothing but good reviews in my 10-15 minutes of Googling around. This had the most info:
I guess I’ll have to get in on this. I’ve been holding off because it’s too hot to: a) drink reds, or b) have wine delivered to San Diego. UPS delivers to me at 7:30pm after an 11-hour ride. Looks like it should be moderate for a week or so, though. If it gets here as fast as the Abandon did (3-4 days), it’s all good.

Since this wine was just released a few months ago I have to believe that it will be fine for at least a couple of years and most likely for many years - High quality sparkling wine tends to able to age for at least a while.

Woot, I LOVE blanc de Noir, and good sparkling wine in general. I’m hitting the big 4-0 in 2 weeks, and looking for a wine to celebrate with. Any chance you can get this to me in time – even though I’m in buzz-killing MA?

It’s never too hot to drink reds, you just have to drink the right ones! And remember, a nice red at “room temperature” will still be cooler than your 90 degree house, so long as you cool the red down to palatable temps.

I’m definitely not first, I bought at 31 Jul 2006 00:23:46 -0500 central time, but certainly one of the earlier triple buys perhaps. I consider this a great deal. $38 for one type, and $28 for the other. That’s a good savings. I’d rather have these get ‘hot’ than my reds i’m ordering!!! My wife is a sauternes/sweet white drinker, but she does like bubbly type wines too.

I encourage folks to have these handy for celebrations and parties. You will find that a good quality blanc de noir or even the blanc de blanc will be really refreshing on a hot day with company.

I’ll be cracking one open as soon as I get it here in sizzling Austin!

Well, I certainly am all for the mix of wine varieties those woot folks have given us lately, but on this I’ll pass-sparkling is not my thing.

See you next week

This is impressive sparkling wine and a great value.

I completely agree. Love the sampler concept, hate the bubbles. I will sometimes admit, after a few drinks, the summer of '02 drinking wine coolers and thinking I was cool, but I NEVER actually swallowed any of it…

Sparkling wines remind me of wine coolers. I think, to me anyways, the bubbles mask the true flavor of the wine.

(sigh) A week without a WOOT. This will be the first one I have not jumped on. Oh well, I did receive my Sangiovese from last week (8 bottles!) and opened two last night with by wife and sons for our Sunday evening cigars and wine routine. Excellent wine, but you have to give it the usual 30 minutes to open up. The two bottles went pretty fast.

We checked it out, and it would be cutting it too close going into MA.
happy 40th- we are bummed we couldn’t add to the festivities.

I agree, I am not interested in this one either but you can’t please everybody every week. It is 100 degrees here today, so some nice chard sounds good for tonight! I am waiting for my sangiovese, hope it doesn’t get boiled!!!


The only woot wine I have purchased is the Cathedral Ridge. I was going to buy last week’s wine but I wanted to try the Cathedral Ridge stuff first, which we finally did last night. I forgot to go online and get last week’s.

We don’t drink sparkling wine often enough for me to get this week’s deal. Too bad I forgot last week’s.

For your reference… A Couple S. Anderson Sparkling WInes found on Shopzilla… one of which is a '99 Blanc de Noir for only $29.99… and some found on shopping.com. Not bad.

I’m going to go ahead and give this one a shot, as I’m usually a fan of sparkling wines. The one issue I typically have with them is maintaining quality after they’re opened. An opened bottle of red or white will last a few days in my fridge or on the counter, but I haven’t had a lot of success with sparkling wines. If anyone has any tips/tricks in this area, I’d love to hear them (hopefully we can get the folks from Cliffe Lede to join us in here, as I’d like to get their take as well).


I have a metal cap that clamps around the top & seals in the carbonation with rubber washer. It takes a little force to work the clamp but it does seal the bottle. I suggest you look for one as they do work.