Ah, where is Wash?

No Wash?


And the Shepherd?

My first thought: WHY DID YOU HAVE TO REMIND ME?!

Edit: not you, jinx13red, the designer of the shirt.

I knew this one would find a home- Grats on another print, my friend.


Obviously a post-Serenity design. RIP Wash and the Shepherd.


Still upset about him, too.

Spoiler Alert!

My wife and I were lucky to see an early screening in Austin along with Nathan Fillion and Ron Glass. Studio folk were there and polled everyone as they left the theater. I heard a many “why Wash?” comments.

My wife giggled when they showed Mal’s rear and pointed at him sitting in front of us.

My son, the browncoat, just ran upstairs crying “I must have two.”
I’m thinking he’ll be up for a hoody digitally printed some day.

In honor of Day One of SDCC.

I have a Whedon fan/coworker who has seen everything Buffy, but no Firefly yet. We’re gonna begin to rectify that this weekend. Since I’m not going to San Diego.

Really nicely executed design - the characters are spot on. Love Mal’s little smirk :smiley: Right, time to misbehave…

“Spoiler Alert!,” he said nine years later.


“He ain’t comin’.”

Instsa-buy for me (well, in the morning when I wake back up). I’d buy one for my husband since he loves Firefly more than me even, but alas, Woot shirts are too short for him.

I’m so conflicted. I really want this, but I make it a point to not wear designs with weapons.

Not enough room for Wash. It spells Shiny (can only see in thumbnail).

Best possible answer.