S is for Safari

Woooo, the law of the jungle is NOM NOM NOM! I was hoping this one would place.

I need some more royal blue t-shirts. =D

Methinks some monster will be very disappointed when he finds out they’re actually animal crackers.

Yes, I would like milk with that.

One of them should be broken… whenever I eat animal crackers I always get the ones without heads or legs. They just look weird all put together.

The Cookie Monster is really slumming it, going after crackers.

I thought I had this shirt all figured out, then I read the writeup. I guess it really is not a cookie monster shirt after all!!

I have to admit, when I first saw this shirt I groaned and started mentally complaining about yet another Cookie Monster shirt. Then I took a second glance at the animals and couldn’t help but smile.

Clever > overdone every time.

After reaching 50,000 sales of one Cookie Monster shirt, Woot gets to celebrate by printing another?

I’m actually okay with this turn of events. Good luck, Walmazan-- I hope you make it to 50K next!

It’s sad that he’s the veggie monster now :/… it’s not like there’s any meat in cookies.

Isn’t that creature the rare Walmazan stalking it’s prized prey, the Derby? Everyone knows a Derby has little chance when a Walmazan has it in his sights. All that is left is for the rest of us to pick up the crumbs. Congrats on another successful safari Walmazan!

Bought! I love the circus animal crackers, but they are sooo dry without some sort of drink. That’s why the yogurt covered ones are so much better, but usually the covered crackers turn into some deformed looking non-animal. =/

It’s hard to bite the heads off them when you can’t tell what’s a head vs a leg.

Congrats, Walz. I am never disappointed when you print because I loves me some Walmazan!

Well google didn’t come up with an annual festival for just the monster, but did have some where he makes appearances. Anyone wlse find a link to Ohio’s?

You could buy this shirt as the before picture and “The Binge” as the after.

Congrats Walmazan!

Being from Columbus OH I was surprised and delighted to hear of said festival; Immediately googling the date and location, much to my chagrin I was unable to identify the information I required. Conclusion: This must be an underground event and more diligent research is required. I will keep you posted. End Transmission

When are we going to get an Oscar the Grouch shirt?

I think the color should have been “Blue Tooth”, despite Cookie Monster’s celebrated dental challenges.

Okay. I give up! When you submit the design for one?

No! He’s still the Cookie Monster. Not long ago I happily watched Cookie Monster star in “The Cookie Touch,” in which he’s awarded a wish by his Fairy Cookie Person. It’s hilarious! So no, he’s still Cookie Monster, it’s just that the importance of other food items is expressed from time to time. (And no, I don’t have kids. Just good taste. -snicker- [bar] :slight_smile:

they all want Binge money

wouldn’t be a bad shirt for a set