S-J Hansen Cabernet Sauvignon (4)



S-J Hansen Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 4-Pack
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2009 S-J Hansen Cask Selection Cabernet Sauvignon, Alexander Valley
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The Hansen cellars cab sold out a couple of months ago, this one comes up which is a higher quality wine from the same winery and it gets zero Intetest.


Half of the country is still asleep and the other half is trying to drive to work in snow and bitter cold.


+1. It’s horribly cold

Any notes?


Sorry for asking a newbie question. What is a good pairing with this wine? pasta and red sauce, beef, fish? Thank you.



Last Wooter to Woot:


Cab = Red Meat


Yeah but…


Purchased the previous offer last time - shipped to CA for my brother - different wine - drank it on our trip to visit him last couple of weeks - excellent - purchased another one for him as a thank you gift - doesn’t ship to MI - sad face.


This looks like an interesting wine. Vineyards all over Northern California some 2008 malbec added. It’s either a bunch of lots thrown together that they didn’t know what to do with or a purposeful blend crafted to create an excellent and unique wine. I’m hoping for the later here.

Can the winery discuss any of the specific vineyard sources?


Yeah, what he said.

Chatter people! I want chatter!


I assume cask selection is the same as barrel select or a reserve designation?


Hello, my name is Chris and I am with the winery. This wine will warm you right up…or warm up with this wine in front of a fireplace, or with a loved one :slight_smile:

We did provide notes so let me check on status …


Hi Mark,

This wine is great with pastas, and with steak. I enjoy it stand alone, but it is a big red so these foods compliment the wine :)Chris, H-G Vineyards


You are correct in your assumption! This is the wine enjoyed by the winemaker and his wife…their initials are S and J, get it?


Last Hansen I bought was pretty weak for a cab…did not like it al all…what I considered my first bad buy on wine woot


We are working on the MI license as we speak…doesn’t help you today, but hope on future offers it will :slight_smile: Chris, H-G Vineyards


Did you read my notes on that offer?
Where did I steer you wrong?


Sorry you didnt like the Lodi AVA cab, but I think you will like this one. It is much bigger-Alexander valley cab…I also like big reds and this is one of my favorites we produce :slight_smile: Chris, H-G Vineyards