S.O.S Rations 3600-Calorie Food Coconut Bundle

S.O.S Rations 3600-Calorie Food Coconut Bundle

Are these good for anything?
Has anybody bought these before?
I get the shelf life concept but I guess they should be good past the 5 years as well … Especially when the zombies are coming…

Shelf life is an interesting question because of the Palm Shortening
I’d love to see Steve1989’s take on these things

Yes. They are good for something. The shelf life of these items are perfect for that college kid. 4 years and just tosse’em.

I keep these in my go bags. Not a fan of the blue berry. They taste like a very dry nutra-grain bar. Just more calories. I’ve sampled them all so I don’t use any other brand. Figured why bother since they were tasty from the start. As for the BRICKS. They are like one big shortbread cookie with coconut. If it’s all you had to eat it will keep you going. The water is nice for two reasons. It doesn’t break down if you store it your car like plastic bottles from the heat or cold and has a 5 year shelf life. The servings are enough to keep you at the lower end of the safe zone of dehydration. Two pouches a day, 8.4oz without much activity will keep you alive. They are easy to store too. And they taste like real water and not some salty solution. You can buy canned water that lasts 50 years but takes up more room and is heavier and runs about 30 bucks a case of 24. Fwiw, I keep the fruit bars for easy access in my Emergency Backpacks if on the go and there is no time for a hot MRE or freeze dried buffet.

If you shop wise on the mothership, you CAN get more for just a little more. A case of the water that has like 60 pouches, for like 28 bucks, more fruit bars for another $12-18 and those big shortbread bricks for about 9 a pop.


First ingredient is sugar, I’ll pass.

These are emergency rations. Sugar and sodium are normally high for a reason for these kind of foods. Look at MRE’s. They are fortified with carbs and such not because they want you live to be 100 and they are not designed to be your normal sit down with the family type meal. So if you had to use these, and you are worried about surgar, just spend more time at the gym once the dust settles.

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I’m always in the market for emergency supplies. But as a (non-insulin needing) diabetic, with the huge amount of sugar in these, I would be in mortal danger! Back to the freeze-dried.

@Lopop… So sodium would not be a problem for you? You can make your own freeze dried foods or you can just get separate ingredients (veggies, chicken) that are not mixed up in freeze-dried meals which are famous sodium bombs. . Such as what Mountain House, backpackers pantry, Wise, etc… put together. There are alternatives for “bars”, Kind-Bar, Quest-bars and RX-Bars (if you can find them) A couple of co-workers that I made bags for that are insulin needing diabetics like these nugo slim bars. About 17 bucks off Amazon for 12. Just 2g of sugar.