S/S Wrinkle Resist Button Collar

Wow. $11.18 on Amazon (same shirt - same company) . Free shipping with Prime. I want the old Woot! owners back.

They only have it in Small.

it is sold out

Those posting that it sold out before they could get it, I’d say just as well. “Fits: A little Larger” not a chance. Usually wear 2XLT size which fits from a number of other brands. Bought one of these in 2XLT and it’s not even close to fitting. I’m talking a full hand length gap between the button and the button hole. The “Dickie’s Solid Brushed Flannel Western” that I also got (in 3XL) was also way too small. Tommy Boy - Big Guy in a Little [shirt] No returns so I guess this was my expensive “build your own BOC”