Saberlight Bolt - Personal Plasma Beam Lighter

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Saberlight Bolt - Personal Plasma Beam Lighter
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Wow, gotta love that last picture,


LOL. I noticed that when previewing the sale. Didn’t take long for someone to notice.

Legal in some states I reckon.

“For tobacco use only.”

I got my wife a plasma lighter a couple of years ago, they work great and will light a cigarette in a hurricane, but the area where the arc forms gets gross after a while and I have yet to find a good way to clean it.

Tell me this is not the lasers that are used to laser the cockpits of airliners? My kid is a pilot for Delta. Federal crime…dude just got 2 yrs in a federal joint for lasering an aircraft.

This is not a laser at all. It is a plasma lighter. What makes you think this is a laser pointer? Just the shape?

my bad…1st cup of coffee was in finals before I read the posting completely…

curtsies to the mods*

heads to the corner of the room–stands facing wall for an hour…*

Not even close to the same thing. Unless you are thinking of lasers to light drugs in the cockpit.

This thing is badass. I got to ask the warden to see if she will let me buy one.

I cracked up at this one - like butane is going to be any worse than whatever you are lighting up and smoking?!?!

from the description:

…I’m kinkshaming

Since this is activated by touch, does that mean theoretically my cats can activate it and burn the house down? Because they mess with everything and I could definitely see that happening.

I’m thinking maybe a cheap toothbrush would work to clean it?

Woot offers a 90-day warranty, but apparently the manufacturer offers a lifetime exchange warranty. Can anybody confirm that? Thanks.

“Personal Plasma Beam Lighter” a.k.a. The wimpiest of all lightsabers.

Seriously, throwing the word “beam” in there just makes the whole thing seem rather disappointing.

‘Electric Spark Lighter’ gets the same information across without coming across as pretentious hyped up marketing. Actually it’s an even clearer description.

“Touch Activation Sensor” just use a button dangit!

Wait a moment. “Saberlight.” sigh

How did I miss that earlier?

“…it can be used with bowls, bongs, pipes, grills, candles, cigarettes…”

I’m guessing they left cigars out for a reason. Past incarnations of plasma lighters have been either too small, partially enclosed or just can’t relight a partially extinguished cigar. Well back to the Bernszomatic I guess.

An alternative to a lighter, for $25? And one that openly boasts about how it’s good for drug use, and healthier than using a regular lighter, when smoking is bad for you already…

This must be a hidden Woot WTF joke that got published a few days late…