Saberlight Bolt - Personal Plasma Beam Lighter

Saberlight Bolt - Personal Plasma Beam Lighter

I’m guessing the heavy west coast sales have to do with this suggested use.

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I bought this or something very similar tonit(said “saber light bolt” on it) in this site and it broke shortly after I got it.

Is this batch doing better?

I got one the last time these were up for sale. It worked fine, except for the broken micro-usb port. A pin was broken inside, so I couldn’t charge it. How’s the quality control on the ones for sale now?

Well, it’s new so… Not sure what you’re expecting for an answer. :confused:

I have a different model plasma lighter. Been working ok (not heavy use) but…

Fwiw, these things emit a high-frequency pitch that only teenagers and pets can hear. They tell me it’s quite annoying. (::evil chuckle::slight_smile:

Well, this Saberlight Bolt is pretty impressive… that is if it decides to work. Out of the very nice box, it worked 2 times, then I couldn’t get it to work no matter how many times I activated the switch… then out of the blue, it would work once or twice then die again. I believe I’m going to have to return it.