Saberlight Bolt - Personal Plasma Beam Lighter

Saberlight Bolt - Personal Plasma Beam Lighter

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jesus fuck, not even a day and i tazed myself with it, why did i buy it, I don’t even smoke

Just received mine, safety switch does not lock and slides freely. Sometimes when safety switch is moved the lighter ignites itself, not for the full five seconds like a button push just a quick spark.

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@phisto I’m sorry! Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

haha I was wondering the same could you shock someone with it

Side note So searching I found it on Amazon and this has horrible reviews buyer beware!!

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I bought this through Woot a few weeks ago when it last came up. Worked a few times out of the box, then I plugged it in to charge. Several hours later it said it was fully charged, but would no longer work.

Email to Saberlight’s support went unanswered. Woot claimed to have no more in stock, so refunded my money.


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I found an old listing from woot back in Aug 2018 when they were selling same lighter and it does have Amazon reviews which are mostly all bad. It’s sad to see woot be deceptive in new listing of this lighter and say it has NO reviews when they know it does. Just do a google search to find the old woot listing of this lighter. They know dang well it has reviews but they lie so they can get rid of this crap lighter. I’m glad I research things first or I would have bought this. Return it get your money back. Woot shame on you for LYING, saying in new ad that this lighter hasn’t been reviewed yet when it has. That proves your a shady company who lies to customers to make money. I will be making a YouTube video exposing your company as liars. Look up my yt name Truther girl Karen or Karen Truther girl. I have screen shots of your previous listing for this lighter with Amazon reviews. I’m done buying from your company. Liars can’t be trusted. Unless you make this right I will expose your company via me making a video showing proof that you flat out lied. It will be on every social media platform. Woot would you want to be lied to? NO!

They flat out lied to all of us when they put Not been reviewed yet knowing dang well in the summer of this yr when they were selling this same lighter that it was reviewed by amazon customers. Woot just proved to me they will lie about products to sell them to us. Shame on you Woot. I have a yt ch that exposes lies. I will be making a video with screenshots proof that your company lies to get rid of your junk inventory. The reviews for the most are all BAD. YET YOU LIE TO US AND SAY THIS LIGHTER HASNT BEEN REVIEWED YET BY AMAZON CUSTOMERS WHEN IT HAS. THANK GOD IM A SMART SHOPPER AND RESEARCH FIRST. LIARS CANT BE TRUSTED. YOU ARE A HORRIBLE COMPANY TO LIE JUST TO SELL YOUR JUNK INVENTORY. LOOK UP MY YT CH TRUTHER GIRL KAREN OR VICE VERSA. I EXPOSE THE CORRUPT WORLD. I CANT BELIEVE YOU LIED, WOW.

@TechyGirl6569 Hi there. I’m sorry your disappointed in the lighter. Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

I’ve looked around on Amazon for a while now and I can’t find this model of Saberlight. My understanding is that this is their new model.

Yeah, this thing feels super cheap and doesn’t work most of the time. It also has a weird smell when it lights. Not worth any where near $130 and not really worth the $18. It would be better if it were smaller and not so plastic-y.

No it’s not here is your old listing of the same lighter, and it has been reviewed. I have screen shots of everything. I didn’t buy this lighter as I do my research before buying. You know dang well you sold the same model lighter in August 2018 with Amazon reviews on your website so to say in the new listing it hasn’t been reviewed is not the truth. This is the same model as the one your selling now. You don’t want customers to see the reviews because 67% are all bad reviews. I’m very upset to know you were not honest saying no reviews when there are reviews and you know it. I have screen shots of everything and I hate to be lied too.

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Thank you. I’ll ask the Electronics team about it. It’s possible it was an oversight.

Here is another link same lighter no new model please stop trying to hide facts. Correction on my end it’s 65% bad reviews not 67% your website will not let me post a link to you. I took screen shot of that as well.

I highly doubt that, they don’t want people to see the 65% bad reviews as the majority of people wouldn’t buy it.

Anyways, people, I don’t know about this particular model, but I have 2 Saberlight lighters that are pretty neat and work well (mainly for lighting candles and the grill, but you can use for other uses). After being used outside/inside for a while, probably being left out more than it should have, one of these lighters’ slide mechanism is a little looser than it should be, but it is still a good product.

Hi, this does have reviews I made a post a few and 65% left negative reviews. I would recommend getting a refund as this lighter is junk. Please read my post as well. Woot tried to hide the reviews on this by saying it hadn’t been reviewed yet when they know dang well back in Aug 2018 they sold same lighter same model with amazon reviews but they put on new listing it hadn’t been reviewed yet, total lie. I will be making a yt video exposing woot for there little lie so they can sell us junk. This is not a new model. I’ve done my research. Google it, also check my yt ch for a video I will make about this look 4 user Karen Truther girl or vice versa. I hate to be lied too. This lighter is junk… If people could see the 65% bad reviews the majority would not buy the product. Let’s see if Woot tries to silence me by violating my first amendment right to free speech. I hope not.

Thank you again @TechyGirl6569. I’ve already sent an email to the electronics team, CS, and management.

Again, please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance. They can help you with a return/refund.

I’m sorry that I thought it was a new lighter. I appreciate the information you gave me.

Lol, I just hate shady business that will lie to make a buck off Consumer’s . Is it fair to lie/hide the truth so they can get rid of there crap inventory? No! It may not seem like a big deal but it is, people pay hard earned money for products that they expect to work. Woot profits off them if they want to return what woot knows is a defective item by making the customer pay to ship back the junk they sold. Sorry if you can’t understand my passion. I’m trying to protect the consumer. If a customer lied to Woot about a product you best bet they would be bleep. I can’t sit here and have them dig a deeper hole by feeding me more b.s. in making up more lies oh we think it’s a newer model or maybe it was a oversight. Liars beware I’m exposing you. Have a great day :wink: