Saberlight Extended Neck Plasma Lighter (2 Pack)

Received the “Saberlight PLGRL2PACK Extended Neck Electric Arc Grill Lighter (2 pack)” and it is NOT AS SHOWN. Unlike the Woot photo there is no lock on the switch. The switch slides very easy and also lights by pushing in on the end of the lighter which exposes the tip. Putting this lighter in luggage or in a drawer of a camper where it would bounce around will cause it to light and start an unintended fire.

I’m sorry. Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

I was just going to make the same comment. no safety on these lighters. I got one out and just slid the lever and immediately I had a blue arc on the tip crackling away. This isn’t something you can toss in a bag and go with, you really need to keep it in a case of some sort or tape it down or something. And the lever slides very easily, I was expecting at least some resistance on it like my other long necked lighters but no, any 3 yr old could easily flip this bic without even trying.

But it’s a very effective and good performing lighter!