Saberlight Zip - Classic Design Plasma Beam Lighter

Actually a question, not a comment. Are you ppl at Woot! Absolutely SURE I can get through airport security (TSA) w/this lighter in my purse/briefcase??
Has anyone had any issues getting through airport security with a lighter like this??
Thanks in advance
Julie B

We got that information from the vendor, but looking into a little further at your prompting led me to this TSA page, which indicates that they are not TSA approved. I would reach out to the airport directly if you have one that you want to travel with. I’ve removed that verbiage from our listing pending more information from the vendor.

If anyone has bought this based on that line, please reach out to CS if you are no longer satisfied!

Actually the listing still reads “It also has the added advantage of being completely windproof, splashproof and airport approved so you can take your lighter with you anywhere you go.”

Happy with the price and functionality, myself, but if you’re a stickler, you may not be.

  1. instructions say that when you flip open the light you’ll see a red LED letting you that it is ready.

there is no such LED. doesn’t affect functionality.

  1. mine arrived with lots of weird white oxidation in the inside COSMETIC surfaces. the tiniest bit of punctilious acetic acid on a qtip removed these.

on the positive: worked perfectly (already set a burn barrel on fire with it) and it does have the decent heft and flip of a knock-off zippo

DOA. Didn’t work at all.

Yikes, I’m really sorry to hear that! If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form and they’ll be happy to help.

TSA says “Hell no”

Does anyone know if this would work and/or be practical for heat shrink tubing? Thanks.