Sabertooth Can Haz Cheezburger?

World’s first lolcat!

So this would be a LOLsabercat shirt.

I’ve been calling it the “causes food cravings” derby all along.

Cheeseburgers existed in prehistoric times? Learn something new every day.

It’s eyes look like faces

LOLcats always seemed more like GQTMcats. (Groan quietly to myself).

Perhaps it’s a mammothburger.

Oh, sorry-- mammothzburger.

is that a manburger?

Ha ha ha, I thought this one had a really good chance at printing! Congrats Jasneko, neko, neko. LOLneko.

The prehistoric meme haz first cheezeburger. Now we know how it started.

Congrats, Jas!

sighs kinda bummed wences didn’t print this go around. his was amusing, and on the same under-utilized shirt color this derby.

Hate to break it to you, but Caturday was yesterday. Today is supposed to be a pirate shirt, you scallywags!

Sadly, the saber-tooth tiger can also haz extinction.

i nom’d it

Does this mean SaberCeilingCat didn’t win!?!?

Mehhh… while I offer full congratulations to the artist for having won the right to have this printed, I’m still left feeling a bit disappointed. Mainly because I feel this piece to be rather unoriginal. I mean, it’s a LOLcat. Made into a saber-toothed tiger. Who is still asking for a modern-era cheeseburger. Not even a Flinstones-esque brontosaurus burger or some such.

But I’ve come to expect such things from votes that come from nostalgia and Internet meme popularity. At least we got the Draxx print, so I’m not left unhappy in the end.

It certainly is a big bun. It’s a very big bun. Very big, fluffy bun. Hey, where’s the beef?

Glad to see that the print version has some cheese on that burger.

Wow, and I just noticed the mere 10 vote difference between 2nd and 3rd. It’s almost hair raising.