Sabre Pepper Spray 2-Packs

These are perfect for that little shot of heat in your salsa at that Mexican restaurant that serves it too mild.

Are these effective against dogs?

yes it works on dogs

I’m holding out for when woot finally has the Sabre Pyramid for sale.

Perfect for french fries after you’ve forgotten to ask for the condiments at the drive-through window,

Got varmints trying to take up in your attic or chimney? These are perfect to “chase” them out. Just make sure when you are spraying down into the chimney, you close the fluke or you will end up feeling the raccoons pain.

Are these really effective against human assailants?

Yes, but like any other self-defense scenario, situational awareness is a key factor. Know when to use or not to use Pepper Spray. Train, learn your local laws, and be safe!

Correct. Some good one stop shopping of info here.

Years ago when I retired and moved to Michigan, I didn’t know that you could not “carry” OC spray over 2%. I at the time had some “issue” OC spray that was 10% but off the charts for it’s heat designation. (had to look it up but it’s referenced as Scoville Heat Units (SHUs). All I know is that getting hit in the face with this stuff will hurt (training… I know).