Sabrent USB 2.0 Digital HDTV Tuner


Does it work on a Mac?

I have one of these. You can use that usb thing to get cable from the wall too, pretty cool.

Anyone have any experience with these on a netbook at all?

I mean, cause the Atom N270 (1.6ghz) is below minimum spec, but a lot can be done on it.

As always, Froogling we shall go…

About how much space does this take up on your computer to record a half hour of TV?

In a normal city, how many channels would you probably be able to get with this?

I wanna record HBO or Starz. How does this work in conjunction with premium content from a FIOS HD cable box? Or does it?

How does that work??

Is this any better than the Pinnacle PCTV stick that Woot sold awhile back, in terms of hardware/software performance?


What channels are available for free on this device? You don’t have to pay for a cable subscription or anything?

I been lookin to get one of these…great deal. Im in for 1


The Pinnacle Stick Pro is almost identical but can’t decode QAM cable signals. Believe me, I really tried :,-(

This device supposedly can.

Nope. This is over the air

Tempting, given the price and the fact that my current Pinnacle TV stick does not do clearQAM. The software can’t be that much worse than Pinnacle’s either.

If this thing works under Linux, it’d seal the deal for me…

Does this work for free where you have to pay no money for cable or is it just a recorder? And how many channels will i get in Easley,SC

Can I pull in broadcasts from my Hava Titanium with this, assuming the Hava is hooked up to a cable receiver? Or is it just over the air tv?

Now that is the question. The Pinnacle software stunk!