Sabrent USB HDTV Tuner with Remote Control & Antenna

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Sabrent USB HDTV Tuner with Remote Control & Antenna
$23.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Sabrent TV-USBHD USB Digital TV Tuner w/ Remote Control & Antenna

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Will not work with a Mac I assume?

Will this work on my Mac?

Also, does this DVR?

I know someone who has one of these and the antenna is fairly poor at picking up a signal.

I should get one free… i guessed the price on the previous woot!..

Product Website

[mod: something with their site will not take the link to the product page. Select TV tuners. It’s the bottom one on page 1. ]

edit: I guess it’s either a browser issue or something intermittent - I get taken right to the product page.

I bought one of these things about a year ago.
A significant portion of the buys complained they were DOA.
Sabrent techsupport never responds to any requests.

will this work on a HDTV with a usb port? Or is it PC only?

So must you have cable or satellite in your home to be able to access TV through this? I still do not understand these things.

bought this when they had it before… doesnt work. i never sent it back because i was to lazy… i wouldnt recommend it to anyone

3 out of 5 on amazon:

It is $40 on Amazon.

Also looks like it has Analog NTSC so you can watch cable TV from your provider if you hook up with a coax cable.

Probably has ClearQAM as well, but not for sure.

Do you mac people not go to the product website? Thanks who ever I saw posted the link to the site. Be a good geek and go to the manufacturers site when you have these questions. :-p

So wait… you’re telling me I can get HDTV ON MY COMPUTER???


It needs a driver. Your TV will not supply a driver.

LOL @ these things still being made. How can you get HD from something not shot in HD? At what point… nevermind… useless argument. I think the whole concept is ridiculous personally.

I’ve always wanted one of these. I just went for it. First woot for Alabama.

Not if you can access over the air TV with the antenna.

Though the included antenna is very small it looks like you can attach any antena with a coax cable connection, so you should be able to use a good quality amplified HD antenna for optimal reception. That is what I do with my ATI tuner.