Sacs of Life™ Insulator 4 Reusable Shopping Bags

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I’ll just wait until the bag of crap comment.

$40 at Bed Bath and Beyond

$24.29 for the groovy grocery or bella, $29.21 for the love/dream

this is before shipping and assuming on the first 2 that you buy something worth $.71 to meet the $25 requirement for super savers

$39.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond for Love/Dream

and Groovy

These are 40 bucks on the website. Boring as it is, these might make a good gift.

My question is: are these machine washable (other than the insulated one)?

I can’t get over the fact that the bag that’s mostly blue isn’t the style with blue in its name.

YouTube demo of Insulator 3-Bag System:


if you like these, supplement with Envirosax bags also. i have several Envirosax now and love those, but they don’t make insulated bags that i know of

In for two! Perfect for a couple friends who live somewhat remote and have to drive an hour to get to a decent market to shop due to a rockslide blocking their normal access route. Tks!

Word. I think it might be a mistake…?

All three look kinda girly – I would prefer a manlier sac.

That’s what she said!

I think it’s right. If you zoom in, you see the Love Dream one has the words “Love” and “Dream” written on it. If you look at the Groovy Blue one, even though it’s got pink flowers on it, the background is blue.

Anyone know how durable these are?

Don’t want anything made in China to put my food in.

Made in China, like most things I guess. They were also sold on QVC for about 40 bucks as well. out of 62 reviews 59 were 5 star and 3 were 4 star.

Costco has really great insulted bags that are really big and sturdy for $6. I really would not spend this much on grocery bags.

Where do you think the grocery store bags were made?

I was a bit disappointed at the girly designs as well. Need one in all black for the men.

edit - They have a camo style on the web site. That would at least be better than flowers and love.