Sad day for a disabled senior to deal with a company like this. They refuse to cancel my order and are disrespectful. Leading me to believe that they were a part of Amazon. Canceling before the order was sent.

Order place July 10th 2019 close to midnight if I am not mistaken. Disabled senior signing in to the company through Amazon prime account. Beleiving I was dealing with an honorable company. Thinking free standard Amazon delivery was not 15 days and getting their customer service who said it is beyond the 2 hour window. Being refused a supervisor and getting a nasty and arrogant voicemail from someone that claims to be a supervisor telling me they won’t cancel the order that I placed a few hours ago before going to sleep. Telling me to contact the bank and file a dispute. This Company is a disgrace. I have called the BBB and will continue fighting this order. Contacted the bank and dispute the order, COntacted Amazon to get help with this cancellation. I know that Fed ex does not knock on doors here and leave the package by my door. Forcing me to carry or call them and pay for return delivery. I read they even have a restocking fee. Any way they can to make money off of us poor unsuspecting customers. I hope they finally get found out how they operate. I dont expect they will allow this on their sight but if it does get through and it saves someone the torture they are putting me through, then it is worth writing this in pain.

I’m confused.

You thought that using Amazon login (with Prime active) would give you 2 day shipping?

Even the login says free standard shipping for prime members.

That’s what I’m trying to figure it if they thought.


It’s obvious there won’t be any sympathy here, but the point is, placing an order that seems to say Login to Amazon prime, and get standard delivery, which is normally within a week, not two weeks, and having buyers remorse a few hours past their 2 hour cancellation limit, should not cause the rep to treat me disrespectfully and not allow me to speak to the supervisor, who called and got my voicemail and basically said you are stuck with the order, It did not leave yet, call the bank or refuse it or send it back on your own money, or open it and pay restocking fee.
That is not the kind of company I want to deal with.
I prefer to deal directly with Amazon Prime and get quick delivery, and pay a few dollars more and be treated with respect as a customer should be treated.
Not about what you are saying that I should have known that its not two day delivery. it is not the point it is about respect of customer and being able to cancel an order within a few hours of making it and being made aware that this Company is not Amazon even though they pretend it is by allowing one to login directly to Amazon to place the order.
If you cannot understand that then I can only say, deal with them and good luck in your orders and possible returns.

I’m sorry if it came across as my being unsympathetic.

I was just confused.

As for the Amazon-Woot relationship, while Amazon DOES own Woot, Woot is somewhat independent.

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Thanks for that reply and just to be clear, it was really the way it is handled. I am gong on 73 and had my own businesses and know that the customer does not deserve to be treated like a piece of garbage if they decide the product is not right for them or they do not want to go through the process of returning it. I made a huge mistake since I have been reading about the product and Prime day was coming and I have points due me and the Prime membership and on a fixed income every dollar counts but I never thought that cancelling within a 4 hour window approximately would have customer so called service force me to go through this. Calling Amazon pay they contacted Woot to try and get this resolved quickly but Woot pushed the order through even with Amazon saying stop the delivery. Now I have Fed Ex alert me and trying to get them to stop it from being sent. Again the point is they had an opportunity to be respectful and understand buyers remorse and the situation and just stop the order if they chose to.
They chose to be nasty and rude and force me to do whatever I have to do to let future seniors at least from not realizing that this Company is not what Amazon is and will not respect them as a customer should be treated. If you have a grandparent that might place an order from them would you like them to be treated like this? In any case, that is enough from me. I will see where else I can let people know about this unfortunate circumstance and how to resolve this without paying restocking fees and getting someone to help me return it once it arrives within the next two weeks they say.

Amazon also prevents order cancellations, just not as quickly. Also, try getting customer service from Amazon. They opened an AZ claim on me like 2-3 days after the order which is outside of their policy. I did a Jeff escalation telling them I was going to arbitration and they were going to be paying for it as per their terms. They didn’t give a shit about blowing thousands of dollars for no reason. Basically the buyer admitted they made a mistake and they authorized Amazon to rebill their card. But I would have been happy to arbitrate over the phone at great expense to them.

But yeah, they’re big businesses and they exist to make money not happy customers. Everything else is advertising.

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I’m sorry you’ve been having difficulties. I’m disabled, too, and on a fixed income, so I can empathise to an extent.

I can say the delivery estimate on your “stuff you bought” page isn’t accurate. It’s an outside range and your order would’ve actually come much more quickly, probably in a week or less.

A lot of the items Woot sells come directly from their vendors and once the cancelation window closes and the order is sent off to their vendor, I think it’s out of their hands and in the hands of the vendor in question.

I can’t speak to that voice mail you received. I didn’t know they called people directly so that was a surprise to read about.

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Another confusion may be login in “with” Amazon Prime vs. “to”.
You are not actually using Amazon Prime. Only the login.

Hello sir,

I’m sorry for the frustration. While we do have the benefit of free shipping with Amazon Prime, we don’t have the zippy shipping that Amazon is famous for. However, the shipping times shown are worst case.

We have a two hour cancellation window. So while we would love to cancel, it’s just not possible. After that two hours, he orders are released and out of our reach. However, you can refuse the shipment.

Have you contacted FedEx about asking for pick up due to disability. Quite a few companies have special services for senior citizens and disabled folks.

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Thanks for the replies, to update my situation. I was able with the Fed Ex tracking number to have their CS stop it from coming to my home.
This way it will (HOPEFULLY) never get into my building where they usually leave it either downstairs with the mailboxes unattended, or by my door, not ringing the bell or knocking.
Then I get notified by email and text that it was delivered, I would have to open the door and hope it is there or have someone go downstairs for me and look for it and if no one took it, then I would have to go through the process of having it returned to sender or pay someone to bring it to FED Ex store for me. All the while my credit card is charged as it is and that money is out of my control until Woot says they get it back and then wait 5 to 7 business days for the refund.
All the while I am out the funds and though I hear what some of you are saying but the CS told me when I asked for the cancellation, that it was not shipped and that it won’t be a problem for the supervisor to stop it.
However the person I think he said he was AJ, said, and I could be wrong and putting in words incorrectly, but what I got from him was NO< CALL THE BANK , DISPUTE IT, I WONT STOP IT>
So hopefully it won’t get to me at all by the help of FED EX and eventually and hopefully they get the box back unopened, and do not charge me a restocking fee as I read is a possibility for those that open the box.
I still have to wait for the refund of an item that five hours after ordering and falsely believing that signing in with my Amazon Prime account, gave me certain protections that WOOT et Al does not give its customers.
So the lesson for me is to find out in advance who the company is and what their policies are, even if I sign in with my Amazon Prime account.
Even contacting Amazon Pay, I was told by a nice person that they would try their best to get them to not send it to me and stop the delivery as I did through the shipping company which was FED EX, who offered and said the Company could easily have done that for me, since clearly the item was not shipped yet.
Those that work for WOOT or happy with WOOT, I am glad for you, but for me, this is the worst Company I have dealt with in my 73 years of age.
I will monitor this post and replies for awhile to hear what others say, and when and if I finally get this resolved and my money back.
Prime day is approaching, and I do want the item, I have a $10 credit for buying from WholeFoods, and maybe the item or something similar will be reduced, but if not, and I have to pay an extra $20 with my credit, for a new unit, with no restocking fees, and one or two day delivery, without a hassle or disrespect by the Company that conveyed a message to me that was not very nice, and acting as if they are the only Company in the world to shop with to save a few dollars.
Again I say good luck dealing with them, they fooled me by leading me on with the login with Amazon Prime for free Standard shipping and then finding out about return policies and restocking fees and not getting refund until they say the product was returned in the manner they feel is sufficient and really tying ones hands and their money up until they are satisifed and not trying to do what Amazon Pay did by writing to the vendor etc. and asking for help for the customer.
It used to be the customer was always right and treat the customer with respect.
Some companies don’t believe in that policy in my experience and this is one of them.

Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others have a login system that can be used on third-party websites. This is generally just to save you the time of having to create an account for every site you use. And if allows those third-party companies to pull your account information from Facebook etc.

I have never heard of a customer service person telling someone to do a chargeback. That’s a real head scratcher.

Update, After getting Fed Ex to stop the package delivery to me, it finally made it back to sender according to Fed Ex and my credit card company.
I got an apology from Company and offered 10% if I purchase again.
Now just to be clear, I would have to be totally insane to purchase again, no matter how much they offered me and I made that clear. Also an email came from them on July 19 2019, congratulations on your purchase and receipt of package? Are they for real?
Of course the error of thinking I logged in through Prime was my fault, and waiting till morning passed the 2 hour cancellation window passed, so I made a few errors, now I just want them to release my money and let me out of their hostage situation.
Please don’t write defending them .
This too will eventually pass now that the item was immediately refused and Fed Ex and bank notified.
Let’s just see how long they take before releasing the money.
Good luck with them.
I am well done.
Bye forever.

Buyer’s remorse is always a delicate situation. I think you’ve made a good decision to move on. Hopefully you can get past this and not let it ruin your days. I have my own share of health problems and a good attitude is imperative to good health.


This is slightly better than companies who will refund an item without even bothering to check if what is being returned is even exactly what was shipped, and then selling it to a new person who will discover that the item is either missing components, or the wrong product entirely.



You admit you made several errors when ordering and failing to cancel in time, and Woot is processing your return and gave you a decent coupon for the trouble. I’m not sure what more they could have done. I hope you find greener pastures elsewhere.


a handy?


I hope I don’t get this crabby when I’m a senior citizen. Wait – I’m already a senior citizen. Am I crabby?

Anyway, nothing would have placated this guy. Nothing.