Saddam Hunt! Action Playset


Welcome to the Saddam Hunt! Action Playset topic page for Tuesday, February 22nd. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments here.


Weird combination indeed.

Edit: Updated! Hosted files myself!
If you missed it Paris Hilton’s phone was hacked.
Also howto get customer service, looks at woot.
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AWESOME WOOT AGAIN!!! Got to love the price on this one!

But I wanted the statue too!!! :twisted: .Great deals, coupon codes and Freebies.


Woot Hoot. Too late, I already caught him.
George Bush


woot !! Prolly ppl are not old enuff to shave , hehehe


Horrible, horrible woot.- argh- I stayed up (again) for this??

eBay has the binoculars for $9.99 and the electric razor for less than $40. (without shipping).



You’ve got to be kidding me. Do you people not know he was captured already? Ummmm Hello, Encino Man


wow im speechless

well if you are looking for this sort of crap it is a good deal


Hmmm I might have to get these…hmmmmmmm


nah, i don’t need bifocals to shave my beard, but saddam might…


what is this garbage?


find out more bout jeff gannon :smiley:


I waited up for this???




not me today… oaah


wow you people post so fast. too bad this woot are teh suck.


What is WOOT Trying to do, drive us all away


Please. Ahhhhhhhh… Maybe tomorrow.


Watch someone shave from afar!


When you find your man in a foxhole you can shave him so he’s presentable for trial