Saddest kids' story?

Saddest kids' story?

Dragonlance’s Raistlin as portrayed in the Russian rock opera centered on the Dragonlance campaign setting.

Yes subtitling exists for the whole performance.

Yes, this is a stretch but after reading about it I felt I needed to share it with the world.

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Bambi… Every farm kid that watched it was like… What!?
I mean… it became a saying… “you aren’t going out to kill Bambi’s mom are you”
Answer… “I hope not, I’m looking for his papa!”

Not even close. A story that my daughter’s first grade teacher read to all of the parents takes the title. It is called “Love You Forever” by Robert Munsch. If you can read it without tears in your eyes, you are either a very heartless person, or … never mind, you are a heartless person.

If you want to have a truly depressing Christmas, read “The Little Match Girl”

Where the Red Fern Grows with Charlotte’s Web as runner up.

then there’s the old classic