Saddleback Cellars - Two Pack

Saddleback Cellars - Two Pack
$69.99 + $7.00 shipping
1 03 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon
1 04 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

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2004 has a CT average of $52/bottle and 2 ratings (89 & 90).
2003 has a CT average of $49/bottle and 4 ratings (avg. 90.5).

Nice wine, have had some from this company before…

WOOT get some 2buck chuck.

cool. a nice cab to add to the cellar. 1 or 2???

mill’s in for 2. Y not U? :slight_smile:

Hey, wasn’t the shipping on the Penfolds only $5? Now we’re back to $7. Indian summer? :slight_smile:

It was most likely at $5 just for the woot-off so we didn’t get the EXTRA screaming and whining from them about the higher shipping. :tongue:

if we drop the shipping down to $5 since its officially not summer, im in for two. :slight_smile:

Naaaa…WD was just trying to broaden his audience by matching the juvie.woot shipping price. Clever WD, veeeeeery clever.

Edit: Good call HAK, you beat me to it!

The 2004 Cab is $52 on their website. Hmmm.

Saddleback website

one of my very good friends was employed here before.

These wines are great. I was out at the winery last year during the crush and spent some time talkng to Nils, the winemaker. Great guy, great wines. I came home with 3 bottles of the 03 Cab. I’m down to one, so I’m glad to find it! This is a great deal, too. I’m in for two.

in for one. couldnt resist…

Last wooter to woot: daddybush


  1. one of my very good friends was employed here before, and he used to pee into the barells, so don’t buy it!
  2. one of my very good friends was employed here before, and they have the absolute highest of quality standards (biodynamics? :wink:), so everyone should buy.
  3. one of my very good friends was employed here before, and they used to throw mice into the presses, so don’t buy it, you’ll die!

A little detail would be helpful, just sayin’!

D.) All of the above

A raucous thanks to w.w for making this week go by without a purchase, though I was sorely tempted by the Penfolds earlier. Now I just need to find space for my SB and my Sake…

Winery, can you please give us an idea of cellarability of these wines?


Says in the description up to 10 years, but they may chime in with more detail.