Saeco Espresso For You-o

Lots of espresso gear - but not a brand I am familiar with. Anyone have some perspective while we’re still waking up here?

I have an earlier model of the Saeco Aroma seen here with a stainless finish. I love this machine. It’s a workhorse and makes great espresso. It was even Alton Brown’s go to machine in his Espresso episode: - YouTube.

I can only assume that their other machines are of just as good of quality.

And as far as the Saeco Syntia Cappucino? DO WANT.

Rough answer: “Non fino a quando ho avuto il mio latte mattina, jerkwad.”

ehhh. mediocre review here:

Seattle Coffee Gear has reviews and videos on the two machines:



And the Velton’s Bonsai Blend (which, incidentally they give a free bag of with the above machines):

I’ve had some nice Italian-made Saecos, but I wonder if they sold out and now sell Chinese made units.

This is very common these days, with companies riding on their past reputation, even if the company is now owned by someone else and fully disconnected from products from the past.

Having said that, some (SOME) Chinese units are getting pretty good. Others are still mediocre, with the same “guts” in various brands with clever cosmetically altered exteriors.

There is not as much variety as you think there is with many of today’s products.

I am told that the espresso beans shown in the ad are also refurbished.

They take the used ground beans, ship them overseas for “recycling” where they are sprinkled with cheap instant coffee and then compressed into little bean-like shapes and baked.

Is this true? How will these beans affect my (refurbished) conical burr grinder and my (refurbished) espresso machine?

Beans are not refurbished. Cute try tho!

I have a refurb Vienna Plus and absolutely love it. Seriously thinking about the upgrade…

Correct link for the Syntia:

This is not the SS compact

A note on the maintenance kit: According to Amazon, the Intenza filter fits all Philips/Saeco superautomatics except the Vienna. The filters account for about half the value of the kit.

Since the Vienna is the superautomatic I’ve seen most often on Woot, this kit is … not incredibly useful.

Saeco USED to make awesome machines before Phillips bought them out.

I had the Odeo Go ( for 7 years and we drink probably around 6 short shots a day from the machine. It just died a few weeks ago and after being extra nice to my hubby, ordered this machine and it came in last week. Brews a great espresso with crema and the steamer is strong for when we make macchiato’s.