Saeco Espresso Machine - 2 Styles

**Item: **Saeco Espresso Machine - 2 Styles
Price: $249.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned

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I have had the Saeco Giro for over 2 years, still brewing 10-12 cups a day.

Best Part - NO PODS! I can use any beans from Blue Mountain to Costco, or creat my own blend.

Find some more info and stuff from Philips

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Love love love love mine. Got it last year. This is not a bad price. Saeco makes ultra-reliable super automatic machines.
One word of warning: this machine can get infuriating because of its multiple sensors. Whenever anything is not quite right, a cryptic light goes red and it stops working.

So… Make sure the used grounds bin is fully in, that the brew group was inserted properly, that there is water in the tank, and that the bean hopper lid is in place.

Use demineralized water if possible, at the very least filtered water. Decalcify every three months if you don’t use demineralized water. Take the brew group out at least once a week and rinse under the tap. That’s all you have to do and your Saeco will work great for many, many years (I have one that’s still going strong after 18 years)

Let’s learn about cleaning this machine [youtube=zxVXfoDWrs4][/youtube]

considering this-- which of the 2 machines is the “better” more reliable purchase? i can’t tell the difference except that there’s not a lot of details i can find on the RI9754/47B model, seems like its no longer on the market?

I bought my Saeco Odea Giro Plus one year ago refurbished from Seattle Coffee Gear (same company offering this deal). Works great and highly recommended. I don’t know about the Giro 2, except that it looks like a more compact version of the Giro Plus. Woot price is $50 less than what I bought mine for.

youtube video pointing out differences between the two models. Mostly cosmetic


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“Sean, can you try getting within 30 feet of the microphone?”
“Sean, can you not record in a public restroom?”

Video is near worthless WRT comparing actual tech - the Woot description offers more detail than Mr. Obvious here.

“One is silver, the other black”. GENIUS.

Woot says one is 1400W the other 1500W - the Philips site says both are 1400

Really trying to see where the 6# difference (and change in dimensions) is coming from…;jsessionid=308FDD3F261512D9C75DED0602FA6830.app102-drp3?t=specifications

That website is like an ice-cream headache.

The 55 has metal grinders - that’s all I can garner from this kindergarten-pop-up-book of a website…

Metal -vs- Ceramic

With either of these machines, can you use pre-ground coffee instead of whole beans?

Nope. No bypass doser, and I wouldn’t put ground beans into the hopper.

So the wife only drinks decaf, I drink regular. How hard is it to empty the bean hopper? Is it even possible/practical? I’d love to get away from the pods, but that is the only thing keeping me from an automatic machine. Thanks

The website does indicate the 55 has metal grinders, which contradicts the woot description which says ceramic for both.

The website also says both have a 50 oz (1.5l) tank, whereas Woot in one place says one has a 25 oz but in the specs says they both have a 50 oz tank.

Woot, can you clarify this? I don’t which part of your description is right and which is wrong!

[MOD: 50oz is correct. We’ll get the write-up fixed.]

Bought the recon’d Plus earlier this year from Woot! and it is awesome. Pod free and getting to mix your brews is great. I like to make half caffeine blends. No issues with the machine, highly recommend.

That’s my question as well.

Doesn’t seem like much of a deal:

You can buy the giro plus from SCG for the same price. :confused:

[MOD: Shows $349, plus ~$32 shipping.]

Proof I’m not crazy!

Plus you get 5% discount with free shipping… - $236