Saeco HD8775/48 Minuto Focus Black

I have one of these and it is great. The brew group has up to a 5 year warranty if you register it on the Saeco website. It contains a ceramic grinder for fresh bean grinding, which is a plus. Always grind only what you need for maximum grind freshness. You have the option of coffee or espresso which is also great. Easy to maintain and clean. Heats up and ready to brew within seconds. It will inform you when to perform a descale. Rinse the removable brew group weekly and apply food grade grease on the rubber rings and moving parts monthly. I use McGlaughlin Oil sanitary petrol-gel purchased from Amazon and it works great. Larger verity option than K-cup and fresher. It also has steam for milk and hot water for tea. This machine is super fast and will save you money and time. I recommend lavazza arabica whole bean since it contains less oil and tastes better.

After checking out reviews on Amazon: Nope. Too bad.

There’s an informative video on this link.

Bummer. This would be one of those “treat myself” type of items but the mothership reviews say it all. Seems this “brand” is just another one of the millions of companies that make a great product, sell out, and the buying company keeps stamping the name on the product but goes cheap on the build quality and ruins it.

“Zombie Brands” Brands you once knew and trusted. They are everywhere.

Before I purchased this unit I owned a Breville BKC700XL. People had bad reviews about this unit during the time of purchase, but it gave me 4 solid years of coffee. This unit makes a stronger better coffee than K-Cup. Unfortunately it isn’t made of high grade stainless steel and for $800+ there are much better options. But at $375 if you get a working one which isn’t defective you won’t find a better coffee/espresso machine.

I bought this last time it was on sale. Made exactly two cups of coffee before being useless.

I made sure I took great care with the brew group, type of coffee, ground size, and followed the instructions to the letter and it just flat out stopped working.

I asked for a replacement and received it about a week and a half later. I was even more careful with it and I couldn’t even get it to brew one cup.

This machine single handedly turned me off semi/fully automatic coffee brewers. My old school cafeteria has never malfunctioned in the 10 years I’ve had it.