Saeco Intelia Fully Auto Espresso Machine

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Saeco Intelia Fully Auto Espresso Machine
Price: $399.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Seems like a bargain - in many places (new) retails for over a thousand and more Examples Amazon, even eBay

See 5 reviews in Amazon - if you buy it, seems like according to this reviewer you should remove a plastic shield inside the coffee grinder so that it works better (seems to be fix many common complaints). Read the reviews.

Paid more for this, but still love this machine. Worth every penny.
It’s like having your own barista in the kitchen. Well made, does what it says on the box like a champ. Lattes and cappuccinos like a pro, figure out how you like it, program it in and then the machine takes care of the rest. As for the plastic shield in the hopper, it vibrates to shake the beans into the grinder. As with the rest of the machine works really well.

Any Comments To How Hot the Water gets? Some complaints not being hot enough.

Does the machine work well enough to make a single cup (4-shots) of espresso in the morning, or is it too much/too complicated for this little use?

I have a different model from Saeco, and it is great. A refurb from woot.

I removed the plastic bean shield in its grinder because it seemed to impede the flow of beans into the grinder (and it certainly did not vibrate to help move them).

Does anyone know what the box dimensions are? Trying to find out if it can fit in a large suitcase.

A good article on DIY descaling solutions…

Checking daily for you to offer the Dyson Cordless Vacuum again. C’mon guys, we all know how much you like to offer vacuums…

Yes does single shots.
With a simple button click to adjust strength between three strengths. You can program one of the buttons for your perfect single shot size. Works like a charm for the family members that don’t require the milk function, but the machine comes into it’s own with the milk function.

anyone receive theirs and DOA? press start and water circulate thru the machine and goes to drip tray. I thought it was supposed to come down the spout. maintenance wrench icon with a 5 in the lower right corner appears. read thru manual and don’t see how to fix. Guess it is time to call for return.

Yup, mine won’t pump any water and gives a red wrench with a 5 in the corner as well. Seems to be a problem with the pump and/or boiler. There appears to be very little info out there about this for this particular machine.

On other Saecos, it can be fixed by entering the Service menu and manually forcing the pump. Doesn’t seem to be the case, here, however.