Saeco Intuita Superautomatic Espresso Machine

Saeco Intuita Superautomatic Espresso Machine
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Manuals, Guides, and Support from Philips

Great reviews 93.8 out of 5.0) over at

I wonder how this compares to the BES870XL the Woot had on sale couple of weeks ago? Can anyone compare the two?

93.8 out of 5… That IS pretty good! :slight_smile:

i thought the same!

I can say that i bought the Saeco Talea Giro Plus on woot back in november and absolutely love it. use it daily and it works great.

I bought my Saeco Talea Giro Plus late last year - same - love it - use it daily.
Curious how this one compares.

Is it hard to clean and how often do you have to clean it?

Bought my Saeco Vienna Plus a couple years ago as a refurb here. Works like a champ still. I think it’s due for a descaling though. I’ve only done it once :stuck_out_tongue:

Just ordered the Intuita last night. Will probably sell my Vienna :slight_smile:

It’s time consuming to clean. You have to flush it out quite a few times after descaling which takes a while.

Manuals & documentation here:

I have a similar Saeco, the Odea Giro, and if you like coffee or cappucinos or espresso, and are buying these at a coffee shop, do yourself a financial favor and buy this and some good beans. This makes great regular coffee, good esspresso, and great milk based drinks. After 1 year this will have more than paid for itself. Also, the convenience of pressing a button and BAM, espresso on the deck. It’s nice.

I’m wondering the same thing…

Do you know if this particular model have the attachment to the steam wand hose that goes Into a cup of milk to produce cappuccinos ?

I can vouch for this machine. I had it for about a month last Christmas and had to return it because of a financial reason. We were very happy with products that you can make with it. It is easy to clean; it has a rinse cycle at the start of the machine and before it goes to sleep. Use good coffee and filtered water and you’d love the results. Now I have Odea Giro plus that I got for half the price (thanks SD). In comparison the Intuita is a better machine in my opinion and for sure better looking on your kitchen counter.

Look for a Milk Island on the Phillips site.

I own two Saecos; rinsing the brew group and emptying the grounds container 2-3 times a week is good (allow to dry). If you drink Kcups then that is probably too much for you to handle. Same for Descaling 3 times a year.

If you drink Ka’u or comparable beans you will taste the difference between $81 a pound coffee cartridges and Real Coffee. Nothing wrong with either one, but how much coffee can you drink a day? This machine delivers a double espresso in less than 90 seconds after warming up for one minute.
And yes, I used to buy two cups of coffee a day for years; now I save my money for good beans, and can drink it without the sugar and milk I used to need.
Yeesh that was a lot of money. I’m going to have another espresso and write more run on sentences now.

If the picture is any indication it does have the steam wand. Left side. I did not see anything in the description though.