Saeco Syntia Espresso Machine

This little wonder will pay for itself after a mere 250 coffees that you would have ordinarily bought at Starbucks.

Any eggheads out there want to tell me how many drinks it would take for this thing to pay for itself?

Edit: Wow way to read my mind tsfisch!

Wish I could afford this…

I would be in heaven

Wow, $949. at amazon

They sell coffee at Starbucks?

Nice Willy Wonka quote.

So after I buy this, how many cups will I need to drink a day to save me the price vs buying at Starbucks every day?

(Insert Starbucks Joke Here)

What about truckstop coffee I buy down at Flo’s?

Anybody know about the quality of the grinder on this?

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Amazon Reviews

Five out of 5 stars for user reviews at Also, watch the video review. A great selling point is that it’s shorter than most machines to fit on the counter underneath cupboards easier.

Sadly, I’m not that into espresso, but this thing is shiny.

Hoping for a food processor to show up one day soon. Had a WalMart GE 14 cup model that was recalled for “fire and laceration hazards.” Found this out 12 months after the lid safety switch failed, but only an hour after it started losing its magic blue smoke.

We’ve had a refurbished Saeco machine for over 2 years and it still runs like it did the day we bought it. It’s the only coffee machine we use. When company wants a cup of coffee we simply make them an Americano. No more Folgers in this house!!!

Cupless? Amazonhas 4-pack of cups and saucers for 16 dollars with free super saver shipping.

Love the tongue-in-sheik write up.

My mother has 2 Saeco machines. One loaded digital machine at home and one basic with analog controls at work. She has uses both multiple times daily for years and both have been reliable and never given a problem and they make great coffee.

Damn. If I were a few years older, this would be mine. College tuition ruins all my fun. I guess I’m stuck with my french press and manual grinder for a while longer.

I picked up the Jura C5 from a few weeks back. I wonder how this compares?

Does it have conical or burr grinder ?