Saeco Syntia Espresso Machine

Our two favorite coffee machine reviewers are baaaaaaaaack!

My heart breaks that I cannot afford to buy this beautiful shiny machine. woe

I think what you meant to say was “conical or disc grinder” as you won’t find anything but a burr grinder in machines of this kind, and both disc and conical use burrs. This machine uses a disc grinder, which some would asy allows for a more consistent grind, but I don’t think either really has an edge on the other purely because of style-- it’s usually more about build quality and stability. However, disc grinders typically have to rotate faster so they don’t get clogged up (which is a real issue for that design) which means the that you’re creating a lot more friction, thus heating the grinds up before infusion, which is not a great thing. In a smaller dosage like we have here though, I don’t think it’ll matter all that much.

Also of note, this woot is almost half what Williams Sonoma sells it for, and about $300 cheaper than you can get it other places. Pretty damn impressive (even for refurbz) and I REALLY REALLY wish I could afford one right now. Hopefully some wooters will enjoy this in their homes.

I have an older model of this and I LOVE it. It’s worth every penny. Has enough adjustments to make YOUR perfect cup of coffee, not from some pre-fab pre-ground coffee pod.
One of the great side-effects is the lack of coffee mess. No more grinds on the counter - it’s all taken care of. Just pull out the tray and dump the grounds on your garden or compost.

I never thought I’d be able to justify one of these but now I wonder how I could have lived without it.

A freshly ground, perfectly strong cup of espresso at the push of a button? As often as I want? Eff-yeah!

I really, really wish i liked expresso, because i really, really love a bargain.

Plus, it would look great next to my WootBoos cutting board, interestingly, made of WALNUT, so now i really, really, really feel like i’m in a Time Warp.

Hey, if it isn’t WAY less than half what W&S sells it for, then it isn’t even close to a deal… therefore, NO DEAL… Pass

That writeup… twitch

Glad I read the whole thing. I was about to lay the grammatical smack down.

I used to work with someone who used incorrect grammar such as this often, including botching clichés. She was the manager of a telephone-based customer service department. Yikes.

Norm Crosby, a comedian many years back, was the king of malapropisms

It was Mel’s; Flo just worked there and acted snarky.

Just bought the Saeco Vienna Plus here… LOVE it, now looking at this one and wondering how i can sneak it into the kitchen unnoticed… PS. they make all coffee sizes, from large mugs full to expresso.I would rate the saeco i HAVE 5 stars, and this looks better

I thought of Norm, too and was wondering if anybody else remembered him!

I was wondering at first, too. I’ve heard “for all intensive purposes” more than I’ve heard it the right way and I always cringe when I hear it.

Just a few random thoughts:

I’ve owned Saecos and they are generally good.

However, (sadly?) the Chinese have gotten very good at making knock-offs and they are often much cheaper.

But, I was cursed by something a former girlfriend asked me years ago about any kitchen appliance: Is it hard to clean?

Specifically, after I make a set of shots, how much stuff do I have to go through to make more?

With my much smaller (Chinese) unit (no internal grinder), all I do is remove the portafilter, rinse, fill, tamp and make more.

Warning! Its a Cylon!

Thank you, you gave me my first laugh of the day.

There isn’t any cleaning after each shot… hence “automatic”. Just empty dregs when it gets full and some cleaning every few days. Otherwise, it’s just, “push the button, Max!” (Without the kaboom)

Sitting here reading this as I sip a double-shot from my previously-Woot!ed Saeco Vienna Plus

If you’ve wanted an automatic espresso maker but never took to the leap - do it. My poor Gagia sits, gathering dust… I should drop in on Craigslist…

If the Vienna Plus weren’t proving to be perfectly adequate I’d be all over this deal. It’s a bit more bells & whistles than I need for a cup-o-joe, that’s the only reason I don’t jump on the upgrade.

Norm Crosby??? is that Sydney Crosbys father??? :slight_smile:

The yutes are scratching their heads Norm who? I know TT you read about Norm on the interwebz!!! :slight_smile:

Sadly, the humorous grammar in this post is typical of a great many supposedly legitimate articles found on the web these days. The proliferation of spell checkers has resulted in functional illiteracy for a depressingly large number of people who are too lazy to proofread their own work before they send it to the masses.

I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.