Safavieh Courtyard 2-pc Rug Set 5 Styles

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These are indoor/outdoor rugs, how much of a pain are they to clean, or how well do they stand up against average outdoor traffic?

Any idea how soft these are?

I can’t find these exact patterns elsewhere, but here’s a link to the same size/brand from Amazon. They range from slightly more to a lot more for only the large rug.

There aren’t a ton of reviews, but here are a few:

As someone noted during the last sale, the large rugs are cheaper from Sam’s Club, but that’s for one rug and there’s the membership fee if you’re not already a member.

CowboyDann: they hold up really well right up until the moment your spouse rides over them with the riding lawn mower! I bought a set from Sam’s Club (exact same rugs) and have had no complaints. They clean up well with a hose. It is a large rug though, so trying to pick it up when it’s wet is fairly difficult. I just hose it off on the patio and let it dry in place.

Rangent: they are about as soft as burlap! They aren’t rough and abrasive, but there is nothing soft about them. They are typical outdoor rugs…stiff and durable, smooth but not soft. The colored yarn in the patterns is a bit softer, but nothing you’re going to want to snuggle up with!

It is quite amazing how fluffy that colored yarn gets after a 42" lawn mower blade takes it for a spin!

I bought these the last time they were for sale. They are your typical outdoor rug. I would not say they are “soft”, but they do lay flat once unrolled and stay put. The value of these is great. I bought the terracotta one, and the color is a bit different from the picture. The rug color in person is more like the close up of both rugs, redder and more intense.

I have another Safavieh indoor/outdoor rug (probably the positive review on Amazon) and it is amazing–great pattern and softer/tighter weave. The last time these came up on Woot, I bought the brown stripe one hoping for the same quality. I think this would be great for a patio, but I wouldn’t suggest it for inside. I kept mine to use under a table, but it isn’t ideal. It does hold up better than anything else again cat claws though, and I would say it’s softer than a normal outdoor rug. The price is unbeatable too.

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Judging from the reviews on amazon - Safaview Courtyard Rugs - People seem to not being having the best of luck with softness and general enjoyment. I’m guessing that’s why there is such a good deal on them.

Thanks Disneyfreak!

I got these the last time they were offered on Woot. I had my floors redone in an acid stained concrete and was needing some rugs to soften the look. These were perfect and they do hold up very well. I have two pits and another dog that run in and out on them and you can’t tell after vacuuming. Everyone who comes in asks me about the floors, but I feel it is largely due to the contrast with the rugs. I bought premium rug pads to go under them from Amazon. Wayfair carries these rugs in a softer brown. The price is significantly higher there, though. I really like them.

glad I could be of service! (yeah, first quality post…thanks CowboyDann!)