Safavieh Natural Cowhide 4'6"x6'6" (6 Colors)

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Safavieh Natural Cowhide 4’6"x6’6" (6 Colors)
Price: $109.99
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Condition: New


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just in time for Halloween

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Check out these comments from when this was last sold in March and check out the product page

This would be PERFECT for Chick-Fil-A Cow Appreciation Day.

You’d really be dressing like a cow, in real cow leather.

Too hot here for that. Better to wear the thinnest t-shirt you can find with stick on spots.

Can woot get these in Calico? I want to make my girlfriend panicked and ask where her cats are.

I guess I’m not entirely sure what the purpose of these are. Objet d’art?

My pet cow has terrible dermatitis. This will be perfect.

Oooo, perfect gift for your PETA pals. You’ll give them something to talk about for years.

I bought a hide 6 months ago. It came folded up in a wrapper. Problem is the creases do not flatten out. I even tried using a steam iron on the back side. And then stacked books on top for weeks. Some improvement but still not flat. After 6 months it’s better but still not flat. I would pay more and make sure it’s shipped rolled up if I ever buy again

Who kills Zebras! I hope it not a naturally patterned skin, if its dyed it should be noted.

Are these new or refurbs? :slight_smile:

I bought one not long ago. It also came folded up in a narrow plastic bag. Still hasn’t flattened. Have in under another rug for a month. Would not buy unless it was shipped rolled.

It says “Cow hides” so I think it is safe to assume they stretch black/white cows until the spots turn into stripes.

Or it could be nature, right?

The photo of the Brown hide, and to a lesser extent the Tan hide, show distinct fold creases.

FYI: The cow hide you will receive will not look exactly like the pictures of cow hides shown, so don’t have a cow hide when the cow hide you receive doesn’t look like the cow hide shown.

And there is a good chance you may be getting something that looks like my ex wife.

I adore these rugs; they’re stylish and warm, and as a bonus the minimal profile doesn’t jam up our roomba. In for one to replace our current Safavieh that’s getting worn down (and that we paid a heck of a lot more than $110 for!).