Safavieh Shag 8' X 10' Rugs -Your Choice

The last time I bought a Safavieh rug from woot it was listed fas new and arrived incredibly dirty. It was dirtier than would be from someone’s living room floor it was probably a show room sample. It was a large wool rug and therefore more expensive than this one though I’ve had it cleaned and never return to “new” condition. Very disappointing!

Oh man, I’m really sorry to hear that! I hope you reported the issue to Customer Service. That’s totally unacceptable.

Plentiful and Great Reviews at the Overstock Page

How do you tell whether you are buying the deep shag or short shag?

Just FYI - one of the major shopping channels has this on their website for more than twice the price (same size and some of the same colors/patterns).

I’m not getting this one today, because I want an indoor/outdoor rug, but this appears to be a good price. Happy Woot-ing.

Per the Features, they’re all Deep 2 inch pile.

Anyone know what the backing is? Example, some have rubber coating for anti-slip. Thanks!

I was reading through some Amazon reviews while trying to decide and it looks like the backing is the burlap type fabric.


I just bought a larger version of this on Overstock for our living room. It is much higher quality than I expected and in the first few months very easy to clean and durable with baby and pets. However, this isn’t too much of a deal. This rug at Overstock is $154 with free shipping without any coupons right now,

This is not anti-slip but with our baby, dog, and cat it stays quite well once it falls out and we just have a the fronts legs of our sofa and loveseat under 3 of the corners and it hasn’t moved. We haven’t even rushed to get a skid pad

Sorry for the delayed reply. There is no anti-slip backing on these.