SafeDip Pool Tester



Oh no- It looks like Pool.woot could be the next woot property.

Glad I checked first. Woot has the sales brochure and Manual in the writeup. Pretty soon I’ll have nothing to post on here anymore.


I’m still holding out for 3rd world countries to be out on the block…


Does this list the urine percentage?


I am trusting that full submersion would not be a problem.


I wonder if this could be used for an aquarium.


I wish they had cool digital testers like this when I had a pool!


Your pool was primeval and digits had yet to be invented.

Just kidding.


The fish would need to be very tiny to fit.


Anything that keeps me out of Leslie’s Fool Supplies is a WINNER in my book!!!




No mention in the description that it tests the all-important alkalinity level.


Where’s the “like” button??


Tempted to get this for my spa, but I’d still have to use test strips to measure some spa-related things that this doesn’t cover, so it probably isn’t worth it.


No, you can post things like 1 review here:

or 1 review at Amazon:

Not much out there on search so far, but you’re going to pass me this year anyway.


Hey everybody, looks like this public pool has just enough fecal matter in it. Not too much, not too little.


To be honest WhatsamattaU, I’ve been kind of uninspired since the last woot-off. Another thing is, While I’m glad woot is finally being more consistent with user manuals being posted, I’m kind of bummed it happened only a few weeks into my cataloguing attempt. At least I wont be pulling my hair out for 15 minutes on that really hard to find manual anymore.

Another thing is: I really don’t know if woot will be able to keep my interest enough for me to make it to 500 the way things are looking right now.

Maybe I’m just in a funk, I’ve had two rough days in a row, we’ll see how I feel next week.


It lists Ph as one of the tests - that is the all important alkalinity level.


Oh, I shouldn’t, but real quick:

  1. Work is worse, still dealing with estate, and I’ll be up all night with work.
  2. I think it’s just a funk/hope it is. Maybe you need to pace yourself better.
  3. If it’s your health:

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I was thinking the same for our reef tank. But with my experience with orp probes, they only last about 6-8 months before losing calibration. Ph probes a bit longer.

But all MUST be kept wet.