SafeFlare Emergency Light 2-Pack



Previosly Sold On 12/10/2012 for $9.99 (Woot-Off)
Previosly Sold On 12/6/2012 for $9.99


wonder if there coastguard approved ?


bought this last go round. Top came off when I took it out of the package. so much for water tight. the way the switch is designed, it won’t work with metal jacket batteries.

bought six. More fool me.

email to the customer service address. No response.

don’t waste your money.


doubt it. they’re junk.


thanks for the heads up ~
was ready to jump and order 6 ~ not now~


The ground. Will they stand on it?


Sorry about the lack of response. I’ll ping CS from this end and see if that helps.


Wonders if these would be good for the safety of night runners.


Is it just me or is there no size given in inches anywhere…how big are they?


Huh. I bought 4 of these the last time. Two are sitting in my truck right now. I kind of like them. They are actually quite bright: in a dark environment they even hurt your eyes a bit to look at them. Work fine.

They aren’t going to replace flares in a real, required safety kit, but given that most people have nothing, these are a big step up. And much safer than the real thing for your average joe.


It’s not about the size, it’s how you use them.


I bought 3 packs for a total of 6 lights. 3 of them had a flaw, they would not turn off. I contacted the company and they warranteed them with no hassle. Hope I never need them, but they look like a good thing to have in the car and truck.


I bought these last time. Please save your money and don’t buy them.

I got six and non of them work very all. To turn the on and off you have to twist the bottom which is supposed to create a contact with the batteries. Unfortunately it is horribly designed and 4 of the 6 I bought could be turned on by just shaking them even if it is in the off position. The other 2 simply had no off position.

They are also cheaply made (as expected) and feel like they will break if dropped.

I also have no clue how they are supposed to be waterproof as there is no gasket or any rubber seals.

They are pretty bright though. Good luck turning them off.


For the price, these would make great glow-sticks for your next Rave.


I bought 3 packs last time (6 lights). They’re extremely bright. The flash is bright enough that in my testing it was like a blinding red strobe light including visual slow down effect.

I would recommend them for backpacking or a BOB. Use them to distract zombies while escaping the horde. Or help rescuers find you if you get too far off trail.

Personally I would also store batteries outside of the device but that is my general practice with any lightly used electronics.


I too bought six, two worked perfectly, but the other four wouldn’t turn off. Dumbest switch system I have ever seen.

Worth about 50 cents each.


I think that they’re utter junk and I am surprised that Woot foisted them onto it’s loyal customers, shame on you, Woot !

I sure wish that I’d read the previous reviews prior to ordering !