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SafePan Eco-Nonstick Cookware- 4 Piece Set [New] - $59.99 + $5 shipping

1 * SafePan SPSET4BK Eco-Nonstick Cookware- 4 Piece Set

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Anyone know if that blue “button” thing on the handle does anything?

Nice reviews on Amazon

A look at the large image suggests that the buttons allow you to detach the handles.

yes… its for those of us who are so accustomed to pushing buttons (on people… on phones… on remotes) to have something to do while our food is cooking…

Lots of safety info on Safepan’s Website

I bought these last time around on woot. Here are my experiences with them:

Most things don’t stick at all and they are easy to clean.
They also heat evenly, and the fact that teflon isn’t being released into the air is a plus.

The coating has come off on the edges (around the top, underneath).
Butter and certain things like curry do stick to the pan and are difficult to remove.
They look terrible on the pot rack.
The blue button doesn’t do anything.

All in all I like them, but the SO prefers out anodized Cuisinart ones.

Blue button does nothing; just decoration. I have this set. So far, I’ve only used the frying pan (a lot). If you treat it right, it’s very slippery. This price is better than what I paid.

These pans are pretty much the same as the original ones who started this PFOA- and PTFE-free trend, called Green Pan.

I’ve used the Green Pan versions for a while and they are remarkably non-stick. Eggs, cheese, and potatoes won’t stick onto them as long as they have a tiny amount of oil slicked onto the pans.

The only concern about these pans (and Green Pan itself) is that there’s scarce information about them online. Although these pans may be PFOA and PTFE free, they might have been made with other hazardous chemicals! Irregardless, I still think these work better than the Teflon-coated pans, especially since we all know that Teflon-coated pans are manufactured with said hazardous chemicals.

I only use these pans when non-stickiness is necessary, such as cooking eggs, potatoes, and fish in a jiffy. For all other things, I use stainless steel and if I’m in a good mood, cast-iron. Both these pans and Green Pan, as some other reviewers online have noted, is that they lose their nonstickiness over time but I am more than certain that’s because those owners either 1) failed to clean their pans well with scrubbing/soap and 2) failed to manage heat control properly and ended up burning food onto the pans. Burnt food/grease on these pans will dramatically reduce nonstickiness, making everything seemingly stick to the pan. To remedy, scrub the pans well, and avoid ever over-burning food onto the pans again. I’ve had my Green Pan for over a year now and the non-stickiness is quite miraculous.

What do cooking enthusiasts think of the quality?
I’ve been burned by horrible Walmart stuff. Looking to update.

Wow… I really don’t know what to say here… I was hesitant to buy these in january when they came up on the woot off and I have been waiting since then to get a set for the good price. Well april hit and I couldn’t wait any longer, so I dropped a 120 bucks on these on amazon. These are the best ever; if you are looking for anything to cook on, this is what you want.

Just a reminder about ALL non-stick and enamel-coated cookware…

They are only rated for use up to around 450°F or so, which is often between medium and medium-high on the stovetop. SO many people damage their cookware because they use them w/ the highest setting on their burners (which could be up to 700+°F) and then complain about it.

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Just a reminder to… check the specs >> CERANSAFE rated to 450°C (842°F)

BTW, got them here last time and I am pleased with them. A VERY non-stick surface! And the blue “button” is a thumbrest, nothing more. EJECT!EJECT!EJECT!

I looked over several sites and couldn’t find the answer to your question (which someone else asked during a previous woot). If you enlarge the photo, you can see a break where the handle joins the pan, so my best guess is a quick release.

anyone know where these are manufactured?

I have a set of these and the box says “Made in Korea”. I can say, unequivocally, that these are the best non-stick pans I have ever used. Even rinsing out grease from a cheeseburger rinses out without and trace. They get hot and stay hot at low heat. Amazing. I am seriously considering buying 3 more sets for gifts. .::My humble opinion only, of course::.

I think it’s some bizarre Australian/Chinese co-op.

As for my own advice, these things get really hot compared to other cookware on equal heat settings. I guess it retains heat really well? In any case, I love them, except the blue button fell off on my omelette pan. I could probably get it replaced, but that takes effort.

Also, they’re not completely non-stick, so you have to be a little careful with cooking. As for cleaning, it’s non-stick enough that everything comes off with ease.

I believe these will not work on induction cook tops. Can any owners confirm this?