SafeRacks Wire Shelving Storage Unit

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SafeRacks Wire Shelving Storage Unit
Price: $89.99
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I bought these on eBay a few months ago, got 4 for $50 each no tax and free shipping. So for the same thing it’s $40 more + shipping + tax yeah no deal.

Noting they were almost the same, just 82in instead of 72in, I did use a hack saw to cut them down to 72in though. The hack saw cost less than $10.

I can confirm that price point !
They’re all over ebay !
May be a different brand, but they function the same !
I just bought a 73x36x14 for $39.90…No Tax…Free Shipping !

I recently purchased a set of these from Amazon in black for $54.99 but I can attest that the prices fluctuate apparently at random.

Although I can’t speak for this unit in particular, the price difference is generally reflected in the diameter of the upright poles and the gauge of the wire used for the shelves.

The one thing I can warn about is to be absolutely sure about the overall height. Typically, the listed height is WITHOUT the wheels. You should add about 2 to 4 inches overall with the castors installed (depending on the type of wheels they provide). A set of 72" shelves we recently purchased ended up at 76" high due to the larger wheels that came with the unit. has them for $69, and a 10% coupon is available. Add free shipping (really heavy!) and it’s pretty good. Can’t vouch for the e-bay sellers, but thanks for posting that info. I bought 4 last year and am really happy with the heavier duty quality over some brands.

No deal. I bought these for $99 at Sam’s Club back in 2011 for the same price. I see them alot cheaper everywhere. Save some money and buy them elsewhere.

Is the difference in price due to the 4x Casters? Do those other listings come with wheels?

Costco has 6-shelf 72x48x18 racks with wheels at $99 as a regular stock item.

This deal’s not exactly exciting.

The $69 one at Saferacks is the 4-shelf model (Woot’s is 6).
The 6-shelf one at Saferacks is $129.

Some of the price differences may have to do with weight capacity. We have some cheap ones with a 200 lb per shelf limit that we’ve added some hooks onto to hang pots and pans. I have a lot of cast iron. The longer shelf wires bend easily under the weight of an 8 inch skillet. The shorter shelf support wires can hold it up, but there’s still some give. The higher capacity may allow for more flexibility with that type of usage. If you’re just using it to store yarn, get something cheaper.

I’m sorry, I’m not able to find this specific product for the price you’ve described.

The six-tier shelf is listed on Safe Racks here, for $129.99.

Bought one of these when they were on Woot a few months ago. I cleaned out my garage yesterday and installed it. Setup was fast and easy and came with extra parts in case of breakage/bad tolerances.
Once assembled these make a fantastic unit that holds a lot of heavy stuff (all of my tools, extension cords, and brewing equipment in this case). Even loaded up with what I estimate is ~500 lbs total of stuff there is no sag and it still wheels around with ease to wherever I am working. S-hooks work nicely with the wire border on the shelves for hanging smaller things, and the locking wheels work great to hold it in place when I am not using it. The 6-tier is a definite plus as I have a lot of large/awkward items on the top shelf and a good variety of spacing in the others. Lots of head room in my garage so the height isn’t an issue, but when they were in my kitchen it sort of dominated the room.

One note: plan out your shelf spacing before you assemble! You can always take it apart and move the shelves around, but you’d rather not :wink:

After finishing my garage yesterday I immediately was thinking “crap I should have bought two of these!!” and here we are :slight_smile:

These are the 500 lbs capacity ones, not the cheap 200 lbs ones you see on ebay. There is a huge different in quality and in durability. I bought ebay ones a few years ago and not only are they bent, but they stain, the metal flakes are the wheels are not as sturdy.

As someone who is a potter and needs racks that can hold large amounts of clay AND be wheeled into the kiln area, these were a great deal.

You get what you pay for.

My mistake…I have the 4 shelf units, since the two extra shelves are overkill for what I am storing. Otherwise, $90 for the 6 shelf is pretty good. Thanks for the correction!