SafeRacks Wire Shelving Storage Units

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SafeRacks Wire Shelving Storage Units
Price: $48.99 - 89.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Wednesday, Mar 22 to Thursday, Mar 23) + transit
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This listing is a joke right? I just bought 4, 82x48x18 shelves for $50 each, shipping included, no tax.

Yes I know I bought 82in not 72in but why is 10in shorter almost double the price I paid? (If you include shipping and 6% tax)

What brand are the shelves you just purchased?

I found one on eBay going for $61.90 (free shipping)

82"x48"x18" Heavy Duty 6 Tier Layer Wire Shelving Rack Steel Shelf Adjustable.

Brand is not mentioned and the weight capacity per shelf is 220lb and the one on woot has a capacity of 500lb per shelf. That explains the price difference.

I am going with the one on woot.

Agree with neowoot… It’s all about the weight rating. The 48in model offered here allows for an impressive 500lb per each shelf. Many of the cheaper brands don’t even allow for 500lbs on the entire shelving system. Weight rating may not be important to everyone, though.

I can’t speak for this specific model, but I have bought two shelves like this - one with a similar weight rating to this model, another rated much lower. Over time, the shelves of the lower-rated unit have bowed with weights of just 50-75lb per shelf (which is allowable for that shelf)

Wearing my former “hat” as a restaurant manager, I’d like to comment:

This is a great deal. These are the kind of heavy-duty shelves one finds in commercial kitchens and similar applications. They hold up well for years and also comply with regulations for sanitation and pest control.

Just wanted to get some math straight: the 18" x 48" x 72" version is claimed to hold up to 500 lbs per shelf, and there are 6 shelves. So does that mean those four 3" casters can withstand up to combined weight of 3,000 lbs? (or 750 lbs per wheel given that weights are evenly distributed)

If not, what is the maximum combined load limit of all the shelves?

The website description says the wheels can move the unit fully loaded. So Maybe?
However, They are cheaper on their actual Website.

That’s a 4 tier shelf. Ours is a 5-tier.

So are the wheels only available with the larger unit?


These same shelves (brand and all) are for sale right now on Amazon for $79.99 (72") with free shipping.

What am I missing here?

They have two 18x48 shelves. You’re looking at the one with only four shelves. Their 6-tier one is $129.99

As noted above, you’re looking at the 4 shelf version.

Here’s the correct link which shows it for $129 via 3rd party.

Why Woot, Why?

I forgot I had these in my cart as I needed to measure something at home first.
I get here, measure, and jump online to purchase. Start checkout… Sold Out!!!

Super bummed. Hope they come back.

You know we change products at midnight!!! :frowning:

Well 1am for me. But ya, I know. I was so late getting home. And couldn’t purchase until I knew they would fit.

Oh well. I also know that you guys are famous for bringing stuff back too :slight_smile: