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SafeRacks - Your Choice
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Time to learn all about SafeRacks and learn all about rack installation

Good Reviews over at The Home Depot

It’s still expensive if you have Costco. Saw Costco carrying it for many months and finally bought the 4’x8’ for $150, plus tax and free shipping. It can be a challenge installing if finding the joists is an issue. For those who don’t read the details, the hooks are sold separately.

I bought the same ones at Costco a few months back and just love them. It is hard to believe how strong and sturdy they are after you have them installed.

Some tips:
Have a great stud finder, this is a must the Franklin Stud Finder works great for this
Take your time
Measure everything 3 times
Don’t tighten your bolts until your have all the bars assembled (before you put the rack on)
Use storage bins in these racks to maximize the space.

I installed 4 of them in our lake home garage and was amazed at how much more organized I am…I also went to a friends house and helped him install some, after his wife saw our garage. His wife is now able to park her car in the garage after 12 years of parking outside…

Money well spent, just plan the space before you buy as these are big!

I have 2, challenge to install, but worth it if you take your time.

That looks like a nice stud finder, as it shows you where the stud is. Most stud finders require you to mark the edges. I also use a magnetic stud finder (basically just a magnet with a level/bubble on it). I usually use a combination of electronic and magnetic stud finders, as each has its benefits.

These look like nice racks. I wonder why they’re all the same price, though?

I have 4 of these. Great way to store stuff, very sturdy. Costco sells them for $150 + tax shipped on regular occasion. I have one of the hook kits, but find them useless.

Seems like you could make something very similar out of wood for cheaper. Without much extra effort

These were on sale at Costco for $129 to $149 not long ago. Normal price is $199 for 1 set, and $349 for 2 sets plus accessory hook kit (another $109 at Amazon). This deal is not that good considering how much cheaper other places are selling it.

I’m thinking, not only could you make something similar, but better. I bet a similar shelf, built with the cheapest 2x4s your neighborhood DIY store sells could be made for as much as $25 in wood, plus hardware.

I’ve had a racor 4x4 storage rack in my amazon wish list for about a year. I just can’t justify the cost.

The only difference is the length of the vertical pieces. Not much difference in materials and zero in manufacturing.

I don’t know that it’s better but I did something like that. Mine is in a corner so I attached 2X4’s horizontally to the wall and set a 3/4" piece of 4X8 plywood on them. Then I have the free corner hung using a chain from a big screw-eye in the ceiling and another bolted to the plywood. It’s been up for over 20 years and I made it originally to store the removable hardtop from my '92 Miata (which we still have).

If I wasn’t working in a corner I’d be much more comfortable with something like this.

If you don’t mind a factory seconds deal, they are available for $119.00 at

All Factory Second Racks have cosmetic flaws which can include: scratches, dents, discoloration, uneven powder coating, or rust. These imperfections do not affect the structure or the weight capacity of the Rack. All Factory Seconds are Lifetime Warrantied.

I have one of these in my garage and I’m very happy with the product. It was a bit of a challenge to install by myself (3-4 hrs if I recall correctly). My sense of symmetry tells me that I should buy a 2nd but the single 4x8 rack gives you a lot of room by itself. If I had 2, I’d probably be looking to buy more stuff just to fill it up.

I have built these in my last 3 houses, sheet of 3/4 OSB and some 2x4s, cost about $50 each. I move around every 5 to 6 years.

These are great units. I bought two from Costco (@ $150 plus free shipping). Installation is simple for an average DIY’er. I installed them myself – although having a second person would have made it easier.

Thanks to the above poster, I went the factory seconds route and saved about $175 on 3 racks after shipping. You can also use the code “25off” for 25% off all accessories. I bought the Hook Pack #2 for ~$75. Sorry Woot!

Sure if you wanted to do things on the cheap and have it look like crap I am sure you could build something, and drive to the home depot and wonder around for parts and use up your day. Or just buy this and install it.

I bought the 4x4 ad 4x8 from Costco. Very satisfied on them.